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  1. Ha, yep. Thanks foughtthelaw.
  2. anything interesting or informative come out of the conference? haven't seen any writeups yet.
  3. I'm sure that was said about sync sound and technicolor at some point too. I digress!
  4. isn't the smoothness the whole point of 60fps though?
  5. Those are all corny sci-fi things, though, like the stuff Ash Thorp does. I think the folks in this thread are/were talking about REAL UI/UX design. It's something I've thought a bit about getting into as well as application UI can be more quantitatively "good" or "useful" -- straight-up motion graphics sometimes can feel like not much more than flashy trifling...
  6. This one comes to mind immediately: http://thevfxwatchers.com/ I know I've visited similar sites in the past but I don't remember any URLs. I think I've been made aware of most of these sites through VFX Soldier so maybe try perusing the blogroll on his site?
  7. I'll second the New York Trilogy... one of my favs.
  8. Has the file path changed while the project is open in AE? I've gotten a similar nonsense message before when someone at work restructured the project folders while I was working.
  9. Fraser's proven himself to be a serious workhorse after doing all those logos for SBNation in less than 2 months. Dude is a machine. (for reference: http://www.underconsideration.com/brandnew/archives/its_a_sports_nation_we_are_only_living_in_it.php ) edit: sorry, that closing bracket somehow got sucked into the URL. fixed it.
  10. lots of subtle edge wiggle too which is something that's hard to get just right IMO.
  11. Seems like the stadium crowds might be particles? I always enjoy seeing people use Particular in less obvious ways.
  12. This is something I've heard computer jerks/nerds say for years (decades) and I've never had problems with Mac OS or Windows when installing a new one over another. What's the problem?
  13. Can this just be the rolling "bitch about CC" thread? The newest update has pretty much fucked my ability to use ray-traced 3D. Unless After Effects is the ONLY program running, I get an error that I don't have enough free VRAM. This is a 2012 Macbook with Retina that has always handled ray-traced 3D pretty well. Meh.
  14. seems like a lot of places hire freelance illustrators for style frames/non-motion work. so i suppose it can be a competitive field when you consider the talent that lots of illustrators have. are you familiar with Stash's style frames tumblr? http://styleframesny.tumblr.com/
  15. i upgraded to AE CC the night it was available using the AAM and the next day I downloaded the CC app thing from their site without problems. guess i'm blessed.
  16. hey Todd, what was the court case that Steve was referring to when he said "blame Enron" last night? thanks to both of you for coming out and talking with the AENY group, I livestreamed the MAX presentation but missed a lot of the details so I appreciated Steve going over them again.
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