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  1. Thank you Grundly and Spunj! The "grouping alignment property" worked perfectly! )
  2. I wrote my query in the the picture. Thank you in advance https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B4Je4RatR0_ANTZldGJ5UnNmNmM/edit?usp=docslist_api
  3. Perhaps, my only remaining question is that, why would they choose Flash instead of After Effects to animate the effect?
  4. Apparently, you are right. Thanks for the heads up. After looking on the video above, I found a video that somehow cheats this hand drawn animation: http://www.schoolofmotion.com/project/30dae_22_anime_explosion/
  5. I'm really interested in achieving this effect. It clocks in 13 seconds. Any idea how to achieve this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeKlOWjzA6Y Thank you!
  6. Hello sir Kitkats. You nailed it. That's what I'm looking for. Thank you for saving me!
  7. I am a bit confused. I think I did that in worflow two. I created two nulls. The first null was the original, the second was a pseudo to match the the facial of the target. The pseudo is then parented to the original nulls. After that, I pickwhip the puppet to the pseudo. The thing about is if you look at the timeline the pseudo nulls and the puppet pin has the same position values, but they don't seem to correspond in the viewer.
  8. I have to animate a static image, using the motion track/points I got from tracking someone's face. However, I couldn't get it exactly as I want it to. Worse, it doesn't look like what I want it to. Please refer to the image and the dropbox file. Thank you Image link http://i61.tinypic.com/nq734h.png Source file https://www.dropbox.com/sh/glh1yzl3y9zwje1/AADXLeOcN83snBfntlbbaRM4a?dl=0
  9. ^Yes sir, the leaves have alpha channel. However, the problem is, I didn't model the trees/leaves. I downloaded the it from the net. So I don't quite get what do you mean by "keyed out leaves behind one another, " Sorry about that. Also, did try to search for Ray Depth in the internet and also in C4D itself, but for some reason couldn't get a reliable result. Where can I access it?
  10. As of now, I have no whatsoever major progress, but I'm wondering I'm attempting to populate a terrain with trees. I was thinking of baking each trees, so that I may not undergo painful process of render time. However, I am at lost on why the baked object doesn't look like the normal image. Also, why are there no shadows on the baked object. I turned on the Physical Sky while baking the objects
  11. ^Regarding the trees. I am really at lost why are they position that way. They were set to cloned to object at surface option
  12. I am not aiming for a photorealistic landscape, but at least a fairly lit one. I'm having problem as to how to do it. I'm currently using C4D. Can I achieve it in C4D at all? How do you suggest of doing it? badly need help. I hoping to get this kind of lighting http://arachnid223.deviantart.com/art/Sierra-Valley-434374314
  13. ^Thank you for the heads up, although I still have only a slight idea of what I'm going to. Off to finding some breakdowns ATM.
  14. Thank you mate. I'm particularly interested on how to apply simultaneous animation (such as rotate, movement, spin) seamlessly, like in 0:15 or 0:17. However, I can only imagine it to be done in individual keyframes, but I doubt someone would do it individual keyframes because objects might interlap irresponsible. So i guess there must be some dynamics at play or something like that but I couldn't fathom how. Any thoughts?
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