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  1. http://thefoxisblack.com/is nice.
  2. I feel your pain. There`s just no good Mac options right now. I would say there`s no need for Mac Pro if you`re using mostly AE. AE gets more speed bump if you have a higher CPU clock speed. 4 core I7 imac most likely will render faster in AE than 4 or 6 core Mac Pro. + AE at this moment doesn`t take in accaund GPU`s except plugins like VC Element 3d. This doesn`t apply to 3d software. If you`re rendering with CPU renderer like C4D internal, then more cores will be much faster. I can share my hackintosh experience, which lasted 2 years till I went to windows. In year 2012 I carefully selected every part for my hackintosh computer. It wasn`t anything too fancy. Just a regular I7 quad core cpu, 32GB of ram and mediocre gaming video card -Gtx 660ti. With an SSD and bigger HDD for project files. The hackintosh experience wasn`t bad, but wasn`t perfect either. I always had to make backup before every update and check forums If it`s safe to upgrade. After upgrades had to update some stuff to make my sound card active again. I had problems with my lan card - in rare occasions my computer freeze when uploading files on FTP. I was just too lazy to figure it out and spend time in forums, so I lived with it. My video card was almost all time in power saving state, which I couldn`t solve. I asked in every forum i knew and there was just no solution. Although my card was written as "fully functional". This also wasn`t big problem, because, I`m no gamer and half of GPU power still was more than any iMac can offer. I started using Blender 3D which uses GPU renderer "Cycles". Then I started to consider using windows, because of my GPU working only half speed. Then came Yosemite and ater this update my computer started to freeze too often that I thought to myself - I`s time to move to windows. Now I miss only two things - Quicklook (spacebar preview) and navigation in Finder was nicer. My final word would be - If you don`t need GPU power and want Mac - get iMac. If you want the most power , get cusom Windows PC. If moving to windows - check this thread ! http://mograph.net/board/index.php?showtopic=29763 PS. I`ve heard that those new retina iMacs can have laggy interface. Some guys were complaining that Illustrator has much worse performance. I`m not sure about that, because never had used one. Maybe it`s fixed now. You should better be sure if consider buying it.
  3. i would suggest Dell monitor (in my opinion the best looking affordable PC monitors) - they also got some 4k and 5k options if your interested. take a look here : http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/sna.aspx?c=us&cs=04&l=en&s=bsd&~topic=ultrahd_monitor (just keep in mind many apps at this moment are not optimised for high res displays)
  4. Hi, i`m also curios about possibility to add external GPU`s to mac. I`m using Blender for 3D and i`ve heard there is guys who render with External GPU`s same as PC guys. The bandwidth needed for GPU rendering isn`t that high as needed for games, so almost no performance loss. However i think it`s supertricky solution , becouse Apple doesn`t officially support any of those nvidia GPUS and updates can fuck up something. If you`re willing to risk , i think you just should buy this device -> http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/Thunderbolt/PCIe_Chassis/Mercury_Helios_2 , i think you can also ask questions to those guys, who sell these chassis. At this moment i`m just sticking to PC. Dunno what Apple is thinking by not giving GPU options for motion designers , 3d artists :/ If you change your mind towards PC, check this thread, it has some nice info : http://mograph.net/board/index.php?showtopic=29763
  5. tried to do it with sweep nurbs and animate the curve. But I gave up this idea because a few things fucked up. I did get bad results without checking "Paralell Movement" for sweep nurbs. But after checking it, UVW mapping started to act wierd, by flipping around half of texture. I managed to get almost satisfying result withou paralell movement, by adjusting curves. But then shit came when i tried to make those triangular shape endings by using transparency in material. It was looking ok in viewport, but after rendering there was no transparency. So now i will try to do it with bones.
  6. Hi, i already found a thread where my question was answered, but the example file was removed, so i have to ask it again. I want to animate this kind of ribbon http://i.imgur.com/U5eYl.jpg . I want to start with a straight and then bend sides and middle. Spent all day trying to deform in many ways, but still not satisfied. thanx in advance!
  7. Agris

    My Demo Reel

    Hi, all. I recently discovered this forum and saw many nice works here, so I decided to throw my reel here. I started doing this thing 5 years ago (whyle studying computer science at Uni ) , and it's my first reel. As i have progressed a lot, it consists mostly of my last years works. any critique appreciated
  8. Hi, nice work and greetings from Latvia In my opinion you have nice illustration and designing skills, but many animations could been improved. Many of them seemed too linear for me and maybe could have been more "punchy" or emotional , in other words more impressive
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