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  1. Do you really need to fade out to black at the end of the showreel? Just hold on the title and audio fades out. +Z
  2. I agree with Joe's comments. The project at 0:33 is hard to read and what's going on... the key thing to remember that people will not have any connections to the project where you have spent days or weeks on the job. The visuals needs to be clear and straight to the point with seconds of viewing... 'Oh it's that cat advert from...' Audio is as important as the visuals, I felt the soundtrack faded quickly at the end. The yellow boxes that approach towards the audience and around the camera... I would make them go off screen instead of a cut as it stands. Research and look around on the internet of other designers and see how they produced the showreels. Good luck and good effort so far! +Z
  3. Hey Nem, I like the infographic video and it's enjoyable to see and watch other designers work and how they animate the assets. The sound effect for the wipe for the 'Consumers' box as it doesn't feel right. The red line at @0:45 looks like it jumps or cuts instead a growing smoothly. Like the whole video. :^) Nice work fella! +Z
  4. That's really cool... All the movement from panel to panel while the speaker talk kept it interesting and doesn't get boring. Cannot fault the video, well done my friend! Great work, +Z
  5. Releasing completed a video for a friend who's setting up a new flapjack business in London and I would like to showcase it here and get any feedback and thoughts on the project. The Flapjack Girls Video: http://vimeo.com/71498647 Cheers, +Z
  6. Hey Rollowlock, Interesting concept and see if working well to a degree. One question, If I were to upload a file onto the server for feedback. Will the client need to registered an account on the Wip website in order to view the animation? Cheers, +Z
  7. Hey Tony, You have a nice showreel and I like the blend effect for the intro. The issues with your the showreel, the duration is a little to long and not everyone will have the time or patience to work anything over 2mins or 3mins worth of examples. Personally, I think you should split up the reel into two version, one for motion graphic design/animation and the second for projection work. The Budweise project at 0:31 doesn't look so strong and would remove it. Also, my the cuts on the beat between the different projects. Cheers, +Z
  8. Good afternoon everyone, For a couple of years, I have always asked friends and family members to provide some feedback on projects that I have worked either from client jobs or personally projects. However, I always felt that the feedback were hold back or not saying the truth about it; that is why I am on this website to find fellow designers and animators who can give real feedback. I would like to know your thoughts on my old showreel that I have produced two years ago - http://vimeo.com/20576200. At the time, I thought it was very good and pleased with the results. Now, after looking back at it over the years, I could have improve some sections of the video. Would you mind have review my old showreel (http://vimeo.com/20576200) and give me your honest feedback or any suggested improvements as I will use that feedback on the next Showreel 2013. All the best, +Z
  9. Hey Josh, I'll reply to your topic and give my criticism and feedback to your showreel. To start off, the content of work looks really good but I feel that the execution in the showreel isn't up to scratch. I understand the concept with the intro with logo and black background and comes to life with colour with the music but I were losing interest by this point. The slow-mo effect of different shapes leaving the logo was a little to long; I would suggest start editing in different projects by this point. The Warrior section was a little fast and unable to take in what I am looking at, etc. The Sunsports holds a second to long. Finally, the outro I would say on white background instead of white as it's easier to read text on black on white then white on black. Hope this helps you out, +Z
  10. Jarbrain

    My Demo Reel

    I loved the intro part on the beach, it made me laugh! However, I'm not sure about the outro as it was flat and boring with white text on black background. Would have been better to arch back to the beach with more elements attacking each other then fade to black with contact details. Cheers, +Z
  11. Good afternoon everyone, Here's the latest video that I have worked in my spare time. I decided to produce some type of animated typography using the Ideoma Liner font from dafont.com. Pleased with the results and had fun while working on this. Feel free to give your comments or any criticism to the video. :^) Animated typography - Ideoma Liner http://vimeo.com/68001708 All the best, +Z
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