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  1. The current state is good in the sense that the limit is always being pushed forward, though in really small steps. We see great work and so on, but is it good for the people that are in it? Having 12+ hour work days, the popular notion of you having to be the best (not that its a bad thing, just extremely taxing on the person) having to always find motivation in order to stay competetive with younger and more eager animators. It seems that the industry is completely fine with its people burning out when they reach 30 according to the motion graphics census that took place a couple of years ago. Though, I guess the thing that is bothering me the most is that motion graphics is so client driven, that is the norm. And most of us are just workers and not co-thinkers on the projects. I'm also a graphic designer, and the way work is being done in that field, is completely different. I'm not just a guy who knows InDesign or illustrator, but a collaborator who can input and change the outcome of the project.
  2. Hey all! I've been a long time reader of this great community had I've learned a lot throughout my years. I'm currently in the middle of writing a thesis and preparing for my final project. My thesis is about Motion Graphics as a medium and what drives it forward. Here's a snippet about the idea that I'm going for. "Motion Graphics as medium has grown or gone forward, mostly thanks to new technology - be it faster computers that can handle more complicated compositions, newer versions of software, or plugins and scripts that help create new effects that we have not seen before. Though, once something has been made/explained/used in a certain way, we'll start seeing it everywhere in one form or another. Eventually arriving to present day where we can know everything that is about to happen in a video from its thumbnail. For an example, the community saw a lot of more "experimental and new" things in 2010 & 11 - than we see today. How or where can motion graphics grow when the stream of new technology is slowing down?" Keeping that in mind, here are some questions that I would like to ask. ------- What are your views on the current state of Motion Graphics? (What are some factors that made it the way that it is today and why? Is it in a good state? Is there enough variety?) ------- Do designers care about the content that they're animating? Or is it mosltly about getting the smoothest and the most eye popping animation possible? (Should we as designers think about things that are a bit more meaningful and go past motion blur and reflections? Is it even our place? Or is this whole medium only about animating the smoothest scene? Why?) ------- When comparing motion graphics to printed matter, motion graphics is largely dominated by commercial work. Rarely we see something made for non profit, for cultural enhancement, or even thought provoking. The small amount of work that does stand out and carries some kind of a message still gives the feel that the content wasn't as important than, for an extremely simple example, making a really well animated overly complex chart of numbers, or getting from one scene to another through an overly animated reveal. What are your views on this? ------- What would make designers start doing more truly experimental work and step out of the vector based easy eased metaphorical box? ------- Throughout the years that I've been in the Motion Graphics scene, I've come to an understanding that there's a very strict notion of what is wrong and what is right. A very simple example - flat speed is wrong and thus bad, eased speed is right and thus good. But if we take other mediums - like print or music - then the rules are much more relaxed and can be bent according to need. Why are Motion Graphics so strict? ------- I think the tutorial community is largely responsible for what we see being produced today. What are some ways the tutorial community would have to change in order to inspire designers to learn instead to copy? ------- Any last thoughts on the subject of the future of Motion Graphics? ------- If anyone does take the time to answer these then It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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