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  1. This is one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time. This work, by JM Marbach, actually makes you feel something / it pulls you along, not just eye-candy. Hell it made me smile which is not the typical reaction to a nice mograph piece. Really impressive and inspirational stuff for anyone (IMHO) who forgets why they got into mograph (presumably to make cool art). Enjoy. https://www.jm-marbach.net/videos/tennyson
  2. Zmotive

    iMac 2017

    iMac Pro = stop-gap in the absence of a real solution for Mac Pro users. Although for Adobe-centric users it will probably suffice just fine. Question is do you want to drop 5 grand on an iMac (which has the same flaw as the existing Mac Pro, only more so — little or nothing can be upgraded).
  3. One thing I didn't notice yesterday was the super faint / hard to see post date (last year) but all the big ticket items remain unchanged. No responses but at the very least I hope you guys vote / share this link with Adobe on the forums (whoever posts over there). I know some of the prod manager types hang out here occasionally too.
  4. Apologies if someone has posted this already but this is a great collection of ideas for improving the many commonly used features in AE, and put together with excellent mock-ups and demos. http://www.sandervandijk.tv/after-effects-features/ In particular several of the features in sections 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 would make working in AE far more efficient across many workflows. I know Adobe has been focused heavily on re-writing the engines that make AE go since CC 2014, and true multi-threading should take precedent over everything else until it's done, but once it is done... I'd love to see some of the bigger ideas posted above make it into AE in the near future. In particular the features that make it easier to see specific controls and settings at a glance in the timeline panel / reduce clutter and misalignments in same, and features that make it easier to see what you're doing when keyframing and working with layer / effect properties.
  5. I lot of interesting abstract art on that site. A nice break from the typical digital portfolio aggregation site. I like it. Thanks for sharing the link.
  6. Looks like a pretty substantial interim update. Hoping the hardware accleration provides some benefit for people with AMD GPUs and/or a few extra cores to throw at it.
  7. Looks like a pretty solid update. Looking forward to trying out Tao, Mir 2 (tested the beta for a little while) and Particular 2.5.
  8. "Safe" except for all the privacy-stomping settings that are turned on by default. Once you turn off literally a dozen or so settings to prevent the system from sharing everything you do with MS and its partners, you're good. Just do a Google search on Windows 10 privacy settings, you'll see what I mean. Pretty draconian crap by MS but whatever. Fast becoming the default behavior of every big tech company. I've used it sparingly at work. It seems OK.
  9. Will give this a piggyback and bump. Todd can you comment on: A. Whether a interim patch will be available for 10.11 compatibility around the 30th B. What type of hardware will be supported relative to this recent comment about the next "point release" "The Hardware Accelerate Composition, Layer, and Footage Panels option in Preferences > Display is now enabled. This was disabled during the performance re-architecture work begun in After Effects CC 2015 (13.5)." Is this just a case of turning back on what was disabled before, or has the code itself been optimized for more hardware types / to perform better on some hardware than it did before?
  10. I'd be surprised if I'm not as old or older than you are; 20 years ago I was already out of college (DOH!). So I'm not unaware that UIs weren't always as intuitive as they are today (for the most part). But just because something can be done a certain way and people accept it, doesn't make it a good idea. That said given enough time people can get used to just about anything if the functionality works well.
  11. They could've made it that way 10 years ago or yesterday; it's bad UI design either way. Same with anyone else who does it. Iconography if done well visually represents a function or process in an intuitive way. Abbreviations of words look like a random jumble of letters. There's a reason virtually every app out there uses iconography and not letters. Not suggesting it's a bad or incapable program, just suggesting they need to update the toolbar and some of the panel UI to be more visually intuitive. IMO. YMMV.
  12. So I was pretty excited about this until I launched it and saw the UI. The toolbar is an egregiously bad cluster-fuck AFAICT. I see no way of customizing it to work more like other toolbars. The canned workspaces are mostly inscrutable too. I mean I don't want to be discouraging here (this is great – having some nice competition in the space), but isn't it UI Design 101 to never use letters / initials / acronyms / abbreviations for toolbar buttons? Horrible idea. ICONOGRAPHY, Black Magic, Iconography. A picture / drawing is worth 1000 letters. Don't reinvent the wheel. Look at what MAXON and Adobe do and take a page from their toolbar playbook. Seriously I don't even know where to start with this thing. I guess digging through the PDF manual.
  13. Nothing has changed with the Object Handling or Viewport in R17. The behavior and performance are unchanged from recent versions.
  14. Yeah the feeling I'm getting is if you have regular studio work coming in, Takes and Tokens makes the upgrade worthwhile in terms of covering the cost. But overall almost everyone feels like this is barely a .5 release features-wise. Hopefully they learn from Adobe's recent example and attitude with AE. Of course more remains to be done with the threading and whatnot (in AE (as I understand it)) but they're on the right track and listening for sure IMO. Same cannot be said for certain with MAXON, although a couple of their people are making their way through online media / paying attention more than they used to. So that's a start I guess.
  15. People seem pretty excited by the Take system but predictably (and rightfully) underwhelmed about the rest. I'll be passing on R17 for sure unless freelancers start losing their mind over how indispensible Takes is. Spline modelling improvements are nice I guess. Anyone here think Takes will greatly improvement the motion graphics workflow on the creative side?
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