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  1. >Are the texture files that it creates geotiffs or some other format that retains geo coordinates? the textures are stored as png and the reference coordinates in the georefernce tag.Its very easy to use and understand. >Is there any way to specify a different source for the imagery other than what's in that list? you can use any texure from any source, you just need a world file (geographic) and WGS84 Datum. You then simply drag and drop the world file into C4D and DEM Earth will automatically download the height data for you, and match it up to your image.
  2. sorry about that. I corrected the page. The login somehow vanished.
  3. on my site? if you go to freestuff, at the bottom ther is a meta login, where you can register to download. btw. I had all email notifictions disabled in this account, so I got no communication from you. I've now enabled the right settings.Thanks for the heads up.
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    DEM Earth

    Anyone out there interested in doing Landscapes in C4D, might want to consider looking at DEM Earth.. Intro Docs.. Some Setup Videos on VIM Dynamic, high res landscapes with automated download for height data World wide coverage at 30meter and 90meter resolution, via the DEM Earh Server Access to Water layers for the entire planet Realtime Strata simulation Overlay Openstreetmap splines directly on DEM Earth (seperate OSM mporter required) If anyone has any questions, I will do my best to answer them.
  5. Mographers might want to Check out, Voxygen.. and Texture Remapper,. both of which have been developed with mograph users in mind. More stuff on my site, including some free plugins. I would love to give away some free licenses.so, If anyone has a good idea for a competition or similar, I am all ears regards
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