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  1. Here are a couple of requests that spring to mind: 1. Vary stroke widths over length - shape layers are amazing to animate with, if you could vary the stroke widths so paths tail out or have sharp ends that would make them even more powerful. In fact any additional controls on shape layers would be good to achieve more unique looking effects. 2. On the Fill effect, allow an option for opacity on original - sure I could always just duplicate the layer and and toggle the opacity to see the layer below but it would be nice to have it in the same effect. 3. Invert colours on Ramp effect - just a simple switch to be able to quickly reverse the colours around on this effect would help. That would certainly add to what is already a fantastic product.
  2. Here is a showreel featuring recent work from the Movult studio. Thanks for watching. www.movult.com
  3. Hello all, i'd appreciate some feedback on my latest animation. Its a short film inspired by exhibition of Post War British Textiles at Copenhagen Design Museum. Thanks for watching.
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