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  1. Thanks all for your very constructive feedback. I'm still working on… Many things to improve, especially the single page for each project. People seems confused with it :/ I will be back to deal with all points you spoke about. And yes, I'm not ready to speak about motion design, not enough pieces… I post my main motion pieces for feedback here.
  2. HI ! This is an experiment with I did three years ago, playing with C4D and Mograph. Link in the picture.
  3. http://motiongraphics.nu/ http://dotmogo.com/ http://blog.thejellyfishact.com/ http://www.artofthetitle.com/ http://www.theidentgallery.com/ (very great archives…) http://animade.tv/blog/ http://www.cgart.com/ …
  4. Hi ! I'm a multidisciplinary graphic designer, but I would want to specialise in MG so here I am ! This is my portfolio. Hope you'll like it !
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