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  1. Hi everyone, I’m looking for a way to suck up evenly arranged Objects(hexagons) from a Matrix into a tube. It’s important that the Objects from the Matrix that are closest to the tube, get sucked in first. Furthermore I want to keep the objects from intersecting and align them in a way so that only one object at a time fits through the entry point of the tube. My current Setup consists of a linear cloner that gets scattered to the top by the falloff of a random effector. When I animate the cloner down in position, the scattered Objects move together and align linearly. Unfortunately the aligning of the objects in a matrix is not possible with this setup. Also the sucking in of the objects is random and does not depend on the objects position. I’m stuck here and would highly appreciate any help if you got any Idea how to set this up. A different approach with a grid array, rigid bodies and an attractor didn't lead to the desired result either. Thank you very much in advance for any hint. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/20138515/setup.c4d
  2. Hey Davor, the version on the right is exactly what I wanted . Unfortunately I'm having difficulties with the upload manager here. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/20138515/rbc.c4d The exclusion of the transparency doesn't seem to be working with my setup though. I used the plain effector in combination with a colorshader in the alpha channel and honestly don't remember which part of the plain effector controls the colorshader. What am I doing wrong ?
  3. Unfortunately the exclude thing didnt work as I had hoped. The backside seems to have disappeared but i get mask like cut outs in the scene all of a sudden. Do you have an idea what the problem is ? @ J Montreuil , Ive never heard of the term self-culling before . I googled it and got a lot of results related to the sketch and toon shader . Are you sure this is an option that can be used apart from s&t ?
  4. Hey everyone, I'm currently working on a scene where objects in a cloner move along a spline towards the camera. I'm controlling the transparency of the objects that are getting closer to the camera via plain effector so that other objects behind them dont get covered. Unfortunately the transparency in cinema unveils the backside of the "close to camera" objects as well. This complicates the legibility of the szene. I was wondering if there is a way to make objects transparent without showing their backside but still seeing objects behind them. Kinda like it would look in photoshop when you have 2 layers with objects covering each other and lower the opacity of the upper one. Im very thankful for any hints, thx in advance
  5. Yes baking works . This means rerendering some stuff and I was hoping I could avoid that but at least its a solution . Thank you . The project file is a big messy and I wanted to spare you guys that but I will do that in future . Thank you
  6. simonfarussel, rending it all in 100 fps is no option because of time and money matters . I tried only changing the render settings before and it looks exactly the same . Im controlling the opacity with a plain effector and that doesnt seem to be the problem. Baking seems to be working . Im not sure how this will effect the rest of my animation though. Thx for your help guys . I guess there is no way around baking or rendering it all in 100 fps
  7. Unfortunately not. The Playbackspeed is correct and its a working different approach instead of retiming 100 fps to fit 25 b but the objects are still in a different place
  8. Changed fps in both places and even tried only changing it in the render settings . It gave the same result though
  9. Hey everyone, I exported a 25 fps animation from c4d with objects moving along a spline. These objects lose opacity the closer they get to the camera. I would like to slow this animation down using twixtor which in this particular case, seems to be having problems with the transparency. When I export a part of the exact same animation in 100 fps or 50 fps and speed it up in order to let twixtor use the additional frames when slowing it down again, the animation seems to differ. Even when I compare single frames outside of after fx , the position of the objects is similar but not the same. Can anyone tell me how I could manage exporting a 100 fps animation and have the flying objects at the exact same position as the 25 fps animation ? Any hints are highly appreciated , thx in advance.
  10. Hello everyone, I would like to emit particles from a spline ( not from a single emitter on a spline and neither along a spline but from all possible points on a line or curve away from the spline. After a short time I want the particles to disappear. Unfortunately im not good with thinking particles. Is this something I could solve without them or is there no way around ? Id appreciate any hints from you guys . Thanks in advance
  11. Hi everyone, I'm tryping to move clones along a spline and make them cross a Plane that has the collision deformer on it. I then want the plane to deform according to the crossing objects. Unfortunately I only get this Setup to work without Spline but with falling clones with dynamics instead. Do you guys have any idea what could go wrong here ? Thanks for your help in advance ! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/20138515/collision%20deformer%20with%20clones%20on%20spline.c4d
  12. Hey everyone, I'm looking for a way to define an object, that another object is then squashed against accordingly. The squash and stretch deformer is doing what im looking for as long as long as my object is squashed against an even surface. In my case I want to squash a sphere like object against the inside of a cylinder. I was wondering if theres a simple way to do this because I would like to avoid using the squash and stretch and ffd deformer at once because that would make animating more difficult. Thank you guys for any help !
  13. Hi again everyone , I'm having difficulties with the shader effector and ive been stuck with this problem forever. Im having a sphere with extrusions (using moextrude) . This sphere then gets squashed a bit using the squash and stretch deformer. This combined with the moextrude gives some weird looking results which is why I want to use the shader effector to kinda inhibit the moextrude where the squashing takes place. This works so far, except for the fact that as soon as I activate the shader effector, my moextrusions get unusually long for the steps specified in the menu . I need to use the shader effector in inverted mode . Do you guys have any ideas how I could use it this way , without it influencing my moextrusions ? Any hints, alternatives or advice are greatly appreciated ! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/20138515/Shader%20restricting%20extrude7.c4d Im trying to get a result similar to this : http://vimeo.com/7511263
  14. Using the Mograph Color shader + Plain effector worked . Finally ! thanks you guys
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