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  1. Great! Thanks very much, just helped me big time.
  2. Thanks for both responses. My thoughts were that it was a really large logo which was built so its pieces could come apart and combine while a regular size camera would be tracking back through it while it was coming together. I'll definitely give your suggestion a try Oeuf, thank you. i think i know what you mean, when you say somewhat wide lens do you mean like for an example a camera which is 1920 x 920 ? Cheers
  3. Hello all I have a question which coming from a n00b, may sound stupid ;-) in animations such as this http://www.behance.net/gallery/B1-Channel-Idents/6735287 is the logo made particularly larger than normal so that a camera can pass through it creating the effect that it is really big or is it just using a scaled down camera... Thank you ! ∑:-3
  4. Mr_Cat

    Ahoy there

    Thanks for all the welcome messages My reel old reel below http://vimeo.com/57806942 Cheers
  5. Mr_Cat

    Ahoy there

    Hello everyone A newbie here so I thought i'd just say hi! I hope to learn a lot from this place and would like to contribute where i can. Cheers!
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