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  1. Hi there! I'm looking for a creative, professional, smart AE freelancer, preferably with their own gear. We're making a series of TVC's in a very wacky Tim & Eric style, so roles will include a lot of greenscreening, puppet tooling, particle effects, lens-flares, a bit of roto, and potentially a bit of vector / cel animation. We'd like to start with a 5 day booking with possibility to extend to 10 days, starting on April 10. Rate is negotiable but this is fully paid. Strong compositing background a plus. Our studio is in Hackney, London. Please email your reels to master, at, battlecatstudios, dot, com ! Thanks in advance AE 4 LIFE
  2. Nice! Great song choice. I can't tell you how much I love false-parallax on old paintings.
  3. Slick, fun, beautifully executed. My only comment would be that you start to repeat yourself towards the end - I'm noticing a lot of similar transitions and devices cropping up. Mostly circles. This is a minor quibble, I really enjoyed that. Great style.
  4. Hey man! Looking awesome so far! I thought I'd try be helpful since you've really helped me in that other thread. Take a look at this reel, always a personal favorite of mine : I know it's really old, mostly live action, and maybe a little boring, but I've always enjoyed it when people take time to let images play out instead of rushing through a bunch of fireworks and explosion-like visuals at a breathtaking pace. You can create tension. Be a little mysterious. I felt a little rushed in your second cut, mostly just because of the opening selection of shots. I didn't have any time to enjoy the work. On a second viewing I realized the cuts were synched to the hand-claps, but on first view I was visually overwhelmed and I wanted more time to appreciate the shiny stuff! Awesome collection of work though, nice job!
  5. Hey, thanks for the feedback guys! You're right, it's a little on the long side. I was still half believing in it while making the pitch, but next episode I'll definitely make it more ludicrous, and snappier! It was a 'real' conversation, in a sense, the other guy had no previous knowledge of the film and I was pitching it at him with the physical drawings and a microphone in my hand. I had to cut out a lot of laughter, mostly. He's a skeptical guy by nature. Valuable feedback you've given me mate, no one's really got time for lengthy explanations of half-baked stories, especially when it's mostly just rough storyboard art you're looking at. Thanks for the support, I'm emboldened!
  6. Hey guys! Ramble incoming. I work in mograph, that's my breadwinner. Recently, in my downtime, I've been doing concept art and storyboards for a science fiction film. I spent a lot of time when I was younger agonizing about wanting to be a big-shot director but the biggest problem I always had was lack of follow-through and more ideas than sense. Too many ideas. So, in order to scratch that itch I decided to accept the fact that lots of my film ideas will never get made, and to just let them exist as ideas. I was really inspired by Judorowskys Dune - I mean, the man is a genius - but I felt so incredibly energized and inspired by these people just talking about how great their film could be. So I thought I'd do the same! Unfortunately, I'm not a genius, but I do love drawing, and I do love films, so I proudly present the first episode of a planned series : BLACK HOLE BEAR So what'd you think? Thanks for taking the time to read this by the way. I'm curious to hear from other professional mographers or film-makers what they think about this, where I can improve, whether it's too niche to have a broad appeal, etc. I was really torn between feeling that this is just a huge self-indulgent waste of time and that it's maybe funny and inspiring to other people. Anyway, let me know what you think! You guys are always very helpful and insightful. Gotta get back to department-store promos now.
  7. I've said it before and I'll say it again - your command of glitching and data-moshing blows me away.
  8. Hello there again guys! I've had a lot of positive feedback on my showreel - mostly from existing clients - I'll see if anyone responds to me cold-mailing it to them. So far no one has
  9. Hey guys, thanks a lot for the feedback! vozz, no worries, I wasn't offended! AromaKat I'll be sure to check back in and share my success hunting for work with this reel. I generally approach animation studios so hopefully it will help me stand out in a good way, not stand out like a crazy homeless guy on a train. (I always wonder if people like cyriak, brad neely or jason steele get offered commercial work) January is always pretty dry though isn't it.
  10. Check it out my fellow mographers! This is my newest showreel. A colleague once said to me "always try to show the kind of work you want to do more of" So with this reel I've included a lot of personal work, AFX character rigs, abstract particle design and general weirdness. It's a lot less 'commercial' than my other reels have been. I also made a conceptual intro that no one likes or understands. It's really profound though, I swear. Let me know what you think!
  11. Hey guys! Newbie member here. Love it already. I really wanted to get some thoughts on this film I made. It's about a love affair between an anonymous lurker and a dancing internet sex demon (slightly NSFW): A bit more info : This started as a typical no-client, self-promotion fan-made music video but as time wore on I started using it to project other ideas onto and it became more a of a mutant neither-this-nor-that sort've clusterfuck of mixed intentions. Maybe you can relate. I was burning to tell a story, but I'm a motion graphics guy by day so I really have no clue how to tell a story. Rollercoaster designer, right Sagmeister? Still, I find it interesting trying to adapt the skills and knowledge I do have into forming some kind of narrative, so I thought I'd try getting this basic story across just using interface design and interaction. I'd say it has limited success as a story but I am planning to recut this into a more manageable length so I'd love to hear any thoughts you have watching it. I really fascinated with glitch effects, deep-web culture, data corruption, and moral corruption. I guess I liked the link between the two; a filthy pixelated data-stream from the seventh level of hell. Event Horizon was very formative for me. I tried making this end in redemption though, but I don't feel the redemption at all, it all feels a little flat. I've probably spent too much time making this. Oh, also, a word of advice, don't make a self-promotion piece that ends up being NSFW and full of bizarre sexual undertones unless you want to baffle and alienate all of your clients. Whoops. Thanks for your time!
  12. I love a showreel that only takes a minute! Really strong work, although I think one or two of the clips are a bit dated (mostly the 4:3 ratio ones). They're like a bad cornflake in an otherwise delicious bowl.
  13. Before I watched the video I thought this was going to be about how mograph artists are more like rollercoaster designers than storytellers and I thought that was quite an astute observation. What he actually said was true as well though, but I see it as an aspirational title. People who like to call themselves 'storytellers' are just saying they are aware of things like dramatic arcs, the beginning, the end, the middle, the climax, the resolution. Backstory. Just a trendy, harmless term. You don't have to get on a high horse about it. My local pub is crammed full of storytellers.
  14. Hey Spence! I've been freelancing here in London for a few years, standard dayrate for a mograph artist is 250-300 GBP, depending on the studio and the duration of the contract.
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