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  1. Hi there guys, Recently, I made this litle explainer with some friends, for a non-profit organization in Portugal (where I'm from). I just wanted to know your general feedback on this, to see where I can improve the next time! There's some simple subtitles there, if you need it as well. Thanks!
  2. I've been looking at SquareSpace because it looks so easy to customize. I've tried Cargo and Behance Pro site also, but never went through with any of them. Behance Pro Site is not as customizable as Squarespace, and it does not have a mobile version. I started working only a couple of years ago, so I don't have a lot of work. I have a Behance page (mostly out of lazyness) because it is easy to use. I got 1 job through behance actually, but overall I don't think the video/motion graphics community is very present there...
  3. Thanks for the tip, I'm gonna check this out! And yes, I already have behance, seems to be a nice way to get exposure (even though it doesn't seem as popular with motion graphics artists as with graphic designers). Probably for now I will just make a splash page with a reel, and a link to the behance portfolio.
  4. I'm in the process of building my personal website, to showcase my work, reel, etc. That said, what do you guys think is the best CMS out there for doing that? Cargo, Squarespace, Behance Pro Site? Or just drop those altogether and create on using wordpress or something like that? Just curious to know your opinions! Thanks!
  5. I use it a lot, and I also download audio from freesound.org and other similar sites. There are some formats that can be wierd, but usually with mp3 and wav I have no problems at all. Audition also converts everything to the same sampling rate, so no problem there. That said, I tend to always download the wav version whenever possible. But I usually don't have problems with Audition. Maybe clean the media cache?
  6. Another thing that came to mind, Binky: so you separate the general reference pile from the other pieces of work you totally love? You save these "masterpieces" but, when trying to get inspiration for a job, you just use you general reference pile? I've been using Pinterest to collect things in different "boards", but I'm starting to thing that ONE general pile might be the best way to allow cross-polination of references and ideas...
  7. Another amazing video. Thanks Binky! You could also think about Skillshare. I have no ideia how much money you can make there, but for now it is lacking on motion graphics related classes. That said, selling your videos without any affiliation is probably the best idea right now. (As an example, Louis CK now sells his recorded shows online at 5 bucks.) Thanks again.
  8. That was another great video! Those were pretty great to see how the basic composition guidelines could be applied. Now I'm looking forward to see a more goal oriented video like you mentioned in the last part, and to see how this composition knowledge can help solve real problems!
  9. These videos are amazing. These are not tutorials, I think they should have their own name by now! Really to the point, and funny as hell. Maybe do one about trends and styles like someone suggested on Youtube? I will be looking forward to the next one, whatever it is! Thanks Binky!
  10. If you guys are using Pinterest, here are a couple of amazing boards: GMUNK's boards are amazing: http://www.pinterest.com/munkowitz/ - it's like a visual feast over here this guy SINA has some cool ones also: http://www.pinterest.com/sinsina/ui-hud-illum/ and another UI one: http://www.pinterest.com/beereza/ui/
  11. Wow guys! This is my first post on the forum and you guys seem great! I've also tried to maintain a folder, but it doesn't seem to stick for long. So now I just use Pinterest. Maybe it would be good in the long run, but for now I haven't referred back much to it! Nonetheless, if you follow the right people, it's always a visual feast!
  12. Yeah, GMUNK talks a lot about Ernst Haeckel when explaining his concepts/references. I think his work is a good example of this type of wide research. In my opinion, that's usually were the freshest work comes from: really digging deep and creating relations between references that are seemingly non related! I created this topic also because I work a lot with 2D, and all the videos clients ask for end up being the same video with a different brand, and I'm trying to expand my possibilities a bit (a least in those jobs where there's room for it).
  13. Yes, aggregators like designspiration are nice but they always seem a bit too much trendy to me. I'm trying to follow more specific or more diverse blogs /sites now, because I seem to find the same things over and over in websites like niiice, designspiration, etc. Thanks for the replies, guys!
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