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  1. Updated my reel. Let me know what you think! https://vimeo.com/136135419 Cheers, Dan
  2. Gotta love your in-depth analysis, Binky! I am aware of the cheap solutions I went for by parroting, and it's basically due to the deadline sneaking up. I had no idea how to do a project like this beforehand, so I was basically fumbling in the dark at times, which ate a lot of time. I originally planned for a 1-2 minute piece, but there was just too much information to shorten it down any more. Still didn't expect it to go past the 4 minute mark though, so you could say I took a moment with myself when I received the recording from the voice actor. I knew there were tons of ways to illustrate the sequences I cheaped out by parroting, but I honestly had a hard time visioning how to execute some of them well, and you just sparked some sick ideas my friend. I'll keep those in mind if I decide to revisit it. Great point about how to properly parrot. It never struck me. And the issue with the subheaders totally makes sense. I guess the project suffered a bit from the "I've spent way too much time on this already, I'm sick of it"-syndrome towards the end.. Thanks for taking the time, man! I really appreciate it. I always learn something from your feedback.
  3. Hey guys Made an infographic/documentary style piece on the Malaysian airline that disappeared last year. Been spending the last 6 weeks on it, and would really appreciate some feedback. Cheers!
  4. Thanks for the input guys. Well, I am given a lot of creative freedom to make interesting projects where I can really go in-depth, all within set deadlines, which really makes me push myself. That's what I see as most valuable with the course right now. But then again, its mostly self teaching. What was I expecting? A pool of passionate, highly motivated people who strive to improve with each project. A community with talented people who can inspire me and motivate me to go even further. Along with lecturers who are passionate enough to get us there. But it wasn't what I expected. There are passionate students around, but its the minority. To be specific, one other guy in my class. The rest are a mix of people who figured design might be cool and people who unfortunately doesn't have the visual eye. I have to admit, it is really frustrating when 90% of the class has never opened After Effects before one year into the course. The in-class hours are eaten up by repeating the complete basics. Thats what I meant with "not participating". I basically keep working on my own projects, and my program manager is fine with that. It is a big dilemma. I know I will be much better at what I do in two years if I continue my degree. The school sets the stage, makes it "official" in a way, that makes me put in the extra effort. I will be able to build up a huge, refined portfolio, and I'll have that degree in my pocket. But as mentioned, it will be mostly self teaching. On the other hand, I can learn on the job, while earning money instead of spending them. Man, I gotta put some thought into this.. I got a 4 month internship coming up, so that will hopefully push me in one direction or the other.
  5. Hey guys, I'm currently one year into my bachelor degree in digital media design. So far it has been really basic. I basically do personal projects where I meet up with the lecturer once a week to get some quick feedback. I dont really participate in class, as we just went through what a keyframe is.. My question is, how valuable is that degree if my work can speak for me? Is it really worth years of debth? I had a chat with my program manager about this, and he said that to really reach the top, you need a degree. Is that true? I aim to become an AD one day. Would appreciate some insight on this! Thanks
  6. Thanks a lot, Binky! 1) Woah, good point! Never really thought about that. 2) Yup. You're not the only one to mention that. My initial thought was to include some live action to emphasise that I actually do live action as well. But it didn't really work, huh! So I took it out 3) I knew there was something off putting with that intro.. Thanks for pointing that out. Had a hard time getting the alpha matte to work as I wanted, so I ended up doing some weird fixes.
  7. Hey! Finished up my first showreel along with my portfolio site! www.kdabra.net https://vimeo.com/115519690 I just finished my first year on my bachelor in Digital Media Design in Sydney, but I feel ready for a part time job/internship, so I'm working on getting my name out there. Would love some feedback and critique! Thanks, Dan
  8. Hey guys Looking for some feedback on my last work! A couple of months back I won this contest on School of Motion, and got a one hour mentoring session with Joey, the head of the site. He gave me some awesome inspiration and reference to make my next piece. I made a title sequence for my own movie concept. Synopsis The year is 2021. Two years ago a virus, believed to have originated from apes in India, has caused a worldwide pandemic, and eradicated most of earths population. The structure of society is broken, and the survival instinct is what remains. ‘After’ follows a lone survivor who has lost everyone and everything since the outbreak, either to the virus, or to desperate confrontations with other survivors. How big is the will to keep going? Is there any point? Get an insight in the external and internal factors of staying alive, in a realistic depiction of life and the battle for survival in a post-apocalyptic world full of greed and desperation. Cheers!
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