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  1. MoeGrfx

    Debut Shot!

    Hey guys! I recently got drafted to dribbble and am super excited to share my work! Heres my debut shot - https://dribbble.com/shots/2011261-Benghazi-Cathedral?list=users&offset=2- Please check it out and leave some feedback. Dont forget to follow!
  2. Why am I getting a "403 Forbidden" on every adobe link?
  3. I have seen your work around and you sir have answered my call to define inspiration! I followed you and sent a message I would be honored if you checked out my work and drafted me!
  4. As soon as I read this I went and tried it out and found a new shot just posted! Great advice man, thanks!
  5. Whats good guys! So I recently stumbled upon this amazing site Dribbble and instantly got hooked. Define inspiration! Anyways getting "drafted" (invited) seems quite challenging, especially as a younger motion designer with no so many connections. I would love to hear some advice or just your own experience! Peace and love.
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