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  1. Hi! Today we are happy to release our latest C4D plugin, the Viewport Switch. This tool enables you to turn on/off settings inside C4D with a single button or shortcut. This way you can focus on your project without experiencing stuttering navigation or slow playback speeds, and without having to open the menus to change certain settings. These are some of the function of the Viewport Switch: - Turn off all objects (for example, turn off all Subdivision Surfaces) - Change display mode, level of detail and anti-aliasing - Layer manager (quickly turn off layers completely) - Proxy tab (switch between two objects) - View options (for example turn off all textures in your scene) - Shortcut (control everything with a single shortcut) Check out the video below to see how it works! http://www.thegreatsummit.com
  2. Dear C4D users! Today we launch our new Streetview4D plugin for Cinema 4D. This tool allows you to use images directly from Google Street View and to light your 3D scene. The last 10 years Google has visited every corner of the earth to capture the most beautiful places. This could range from your own street, the latest Batman film set, The Great Barrier Reef - They got it all! We build a plugin to access all these beautiful Street View panoramas so you can use them in your scene. Use it to light your scene, add reflections or use it as your background. There is also a preset browser with some of the most beautiful panoramas we have discovered. But we challenge you to find even beter locations! All you need to do is copy & paste the Google Street View URL and the plugin will work its magic. There is a Sky Rig included where you can easily change options such as brightness, rotation, blur, and a number of compositing functions. Try out the free demo on our website The Great Summit http://www.thegreatsummit.com and take a look at the other plugins that can help you improve your workflow. Please also find below a 3 minute guide video where you can see the plugin in action. Questions or comments? Please let us know! Your team @ The Great Summit
  3. Hi Guys, Long time since I made one of these, let me know if you have any tips on the edit or on work I did. If you have any question how I did curtain scene, let me know! Software: C4D & AE Rendering tools: http://www.dropandrender.com
  4. Hi we are Drop & Render an innovated render farm services that provides many daily customers to get there work done on time. We released our new C4D render farm plugin. This plugin lets you render super fast and places all files directly on your harddrive, on any location you like! It has a scene check option to make sure everything is going smoothly.. It's supports many of your favourite plugins en render engines. For the full list check out the website. We are looking for beta testers, you get €10,- euro to start and we help you with any problems. You can start bij creating a free account on the website. Give it a try and let us know what you think! your option is imported to us! http://www.dropandrender.com
  5. Today we released our new Promo, let us know if you like it! Drop & Render is a Dutch render farm with tools that will change your everyday workflow. The C4D plugin makes rendering like its your own workstation. Download some scene file at the vimeo breakdown link, (clouds, low poly trees, coral and more) http://www.dropandrender.com PROMO BREAKDOWN
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