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  1. Hee there! A few days ago I created a tutorial to explain how to create a Flat design motion graphic animation within Cinema 4D. If you need any help, let me know . cheers!
  2. wauw nice work! you're very talented ! May I ask with what software you work with?
  3. Wauw nice article ! Theo render looks awesome
  4. He there! So a couple of weeks ago Video Copilot uploaded their newest plugin called Saber. Now a lot of people were wondering how to do 3D text with the new plugin. I created a tutorial how to do this. The first link is an example what we will be creating and the second link is the tutorial. Plugins required: Saber + Element 3D Example video: Tutorial:
  5. I see a lot of people that make stuff thats just actually from VideoCopilot. Even people who put it on their portfolio :/.. I just get my inspiration from other works but never use it as my own O_o just use it as inspiration.
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