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  1. What a great way to communicate the concept.
  2. For what it's worth, here is the next video in the series. I had to keep it stylistically similar to the others, so I'm going to try and be more conscious of all my decisions on whatever the next video is. I've also been drawing a lot, and going through some character design courses. Once again, thanks for all the great feedback!
  3. Count me in! Probably something I need to watch. I'll be checking out Tutorial 004 here shortly. I think I must be starting to head in the correct direction at least, as I did have a thought process for the design of the bear, unsuccessful though it may have been. My thought was to use blocky, rectilinear shapes to try and make him seem 'immovable', and 'strong'. Certain features, like the eyes and claws, I used more triangular 'sharp' shapes to try to make it seem 'dangerous'. I was also hoping the sharp triangular trees would give the scene a sense of danger too, but now that I think about it again, perhaps it would have been best to have the bear against a rounder background, so there would be more contrast of shape. I definitely see what you mean with the same visual logic too. I re-watched it a few times yesterday with the critique in mind, and things like the bear having eyes, but the human not having eyes suddenly captured my attention. So what sort of factors in the story would influence your decision to make something more geometric or not? Also, I realize that these questions are asking a lot, and you are being pretty awesome taking the time to reply to them, so thanks! P.S. I'll be starting the next video in this series shortly, so it'll be interesting to see what I come up with in light of your guys' feedback. Thinking the next one will start out with a knight and dragon...
  4. Guys, thank you so much for taking the time to give me your thoughts - it's invaluable to my progress, as I don't really have too many people to get critique/direction from at work. It's great because I get to practice design...animation etc. and have a large degree of control over the project. It's bad in the way that I only know what I know, and have no one more experienced to help me see things from a different perspective! I have another one of these videos coming up shortly though, so I'll have an opportunity to try and address this stuff. @AromaKat - Thanks for the feedback! I'm gonna have to revamp the style for the next one, and I totally should have cut into closer shots! Maybe between walks or something. Seems so obvious now! @Binky - Your tutorial on 'storyboarding' - this is your process for developing a visual strategy yes? Also, do you think the bear would have been a stronger design had it been more geometric, or is that just a way I could have gone with it? Both? For what it's worth, I was really inspired by this: Aim high right? Anyway, thanks again, I'm gonna study my video with your notes, study the inspiration with your notes... P.S. Just realized my pic is the human version of Binky's avatar.
  5. Dang! I was wondering if it might be a tad too loud. Thanks for letting me know! What about the quality of the imagery is unpolished and lackluster? Can you be more specific? I'm trying to get better at design, so anything actionable is greatly appreciated. This was really my first foray into Character Animation, so you're comments are right on the mark. Next time it'll be better! Also, thanks for taking the time to reply, I appreciate any feedback you may have for me! Update: Checking out your site BTW, awesome work! Checking out your tutorials now...
  6. Ahoy! Just joined the forum. Here is a project I just finished up recently. It's on the thrilling topic of Arc Flash Boundaries. OOOooooo AAaaaaahhhhh. I hope for the admittedly dry material, the presentation is somewhat engaging. Got some obvious video game inspiration in there. Anyway, I was in charge of everything other than script writing, and voice over. Oh! If you watch it, stick around for the dance party at the end. Thanks!
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