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  1. Thanks to your feedback! I'm also feeling that way. This summer I will start another project with some awesome students. Anyway, thanks so much your constructive comments!
  2. All the projects in this demo reel are my individual school projects. I hope you guys like it, and feel free to ask me any questions, I'm looking for more great feedbacks!
  3. Hi Guys. I'm Jitao Sun / Tommy, I'm a Visual & Motion designer. This is my demo reel includes some of my latest projects during my study at the AAU, School of Web Design / New Media. I intend to share all source files as open-source learning material. Demo reel Vimeo link: https://vimeo.com/159140627 ---------------------- To download the files, go to jitaosundesign.com ----> Click "Demoreel" or "breakdown" -----> After the page slide in, scroll down to the bottom, click "Download Source Files". Hope you like it, and share with your friends on Facebook. Best!
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