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  1. Thank you! To expand on my earlier explanation. I'm finding that viewing experiences are always finding ways to improve on quality, and everything these days is trying to hit 60fps, whether it be youtube, video games or other media. And for animators it is relatively easy to render out at a higher frame rate and give the viewer a higher quality experience. I've had a few people question it, and say it goes against traditional ideas (which is why i feel the need to explain it haha). But i think the standard quality of viewing media will only ever keep improving, and I've found myself improving as an animator because I have more frames to worry about haha.
  2. I wouldn't say EVERYTHING but I have been bumping everything up recently. I like how crisp and clear the movements are. I see it a bit like video games, I'd like to play with a higher frame rate if possible.
  3. Wowzers! Thank you! :D made my day!
  4. Just wanted to drop this here for you guys to enjoy! (Not sure how you embed the video onto the post) https://vimeo.com/259677541 Thanks
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