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  1. Hey everyone just want to share one project I'm kinda proud of, my Xparticles Contest 2017 entry. Cheers!
  2. Some cool stuff came out today while playing around with C4D, Redshift and a Sculpture scan I did a while ago using Photoscan. I’ll post some more details soon
  3. Hey kubalu, I’v re-discovered mograph.net also from the School of Motion podcast. Regarding your real, I think that in general is very nice but I feel that theres some inconsistency in work quality. I would sugest you to edit out some parts. Quality over quantity. The one where you see the african continent and a doctor/nurse walking is one of them. Choose only the best and make an effort to let go from the ones you are attached to. Keep the good work.
  4. Wow! Sooo cool to be here again and look at the few post I did back in 2007!! Haha I had totally forgotten about mograph.net but the last episode os the School of Motion podcast reminded me I’ll make sure I’ll be more active now I’m leaving here my porfolio: Www.mariodomingos.com let me know what you think, with no love please!! And let everyone know that I’m open to new opportunities. Cheers!!!
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