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  1. These look really awesome, so thanks for sharing! I've been working mostly in Ae up until now, but planning on getting a somewhat basic understanding of C4D too, so that I have more freedom in my designs. Also while browsing through your tutorials on your site, I realised that your're the guy that made the video on how to make a character pick something up which is always popping up on youtube for recommended videos. Will definitely look into these videos, and keep up the good work!
  2. Hi Nuno! Your reel rocks! You have so much work that is just killing it, whereof my favourites are the animated illustrations for the Brokerslink Conference, the 2D/3D shapes of the Flabercast (?) logo, and the drinks combined with some 3D elements. Also I love the way you are cutting and timing along to the music! In the beginning, I think you could generate more curiosity with the viewer by holding som close up and abstract shots, all the way up to point 00:14 when the buildup begins. I feel like you are revealing too much by showing the entire scene of Santa Clause at 04:00. Also it might just be a matter of taste, but to me the music is slightly too intens, especially the vocals. It made it kind of a pain to watch it all the way to the end, although the design and animation part was good. I would recommend for you to either find an instrumental version of your song, find an altogether different song, or use the song as it is, but cut the length down, so that the entire reel will be shorter. Also the logo animation of your name is pretty brilliant. Maybe you could slow it down just a bit so that the animation is holding when we see your name, and also the end tag with the single symbol. Now this is just nitty gritty stuff, but you should consider properly adjusting the curves of the animation instead of simply reversing it. Since the logo animation is an essential part of your brand, you should probably do that part properly. Other than that I think that you do a great job at showing a variety of style, while still keeping a cohesive vibe. I wish you the best of luck on the return to your freelance journey, and keep up the good work!
  3. Hi, tedavis! I am also new on here, and I thought I would start by looking around and trying to engage in the conversation going on here I have to say that this reel has a huge load of interesting work! I am not an expert in showreels myself, so keep in mind that my comments this might only be a matter of taste. The intro is really making me curious, and its simplicity is holding my attention. But as the reel starts, I got kind of lost because I didn't know where to look, and everything is passing by so fast. The compositions themselves are great, but they are pretty varying, and my eyes get pulled all over the place. But at point 0:15 you slow down, and I get to actually take in all the beauty of your frames. I wish this was the pace you started your reel with, and perhaps even slower. It would make me more curious, and anticipating 'the drop' of the music, when things would start to get more fast-paced and energetic.This would give it more of a build-up, with a beginning, middle and ending. I would also recommend to cut together frames of similar compositions when the pace is really high, so that the viewer can rest its eyes in one place while the imagery shifts. Other than that I love the order in which you have put your work. They compliment each other while keeping contrast, and make the transitions almost fluid, using color, value and composition. Based on your reel I can see that you're an experienced motion designer, and your style is quite varied; which is a good thing when working with clients! Wishing you the best of luck with your awesome work and reel!
  4. laura.larissa


    Hi Dess! I agree with all of the above, about just having the two extra fingers in the back, loving the little kick, and i absolutely love the illustrative aesthetic. Something I would also comment on is the movement of the thumb. I would think that its movement would resemble the movement of the arms swaying at the side. I think it would look more dynamic and natural if you would have the thumb move in the opposite direction of the index finger, but only as subtle of a movement as you've got it now. Other than that, I really love this little piece of animation! I would totally add it to my mograph-wall if I saw this in pinterest feed
  5. laura.larissa

    My new reel

    Hey Kuba! I have only heard people talk about mograph.net, but I wasn't aware that it was back up until I listened to the SOM-podcast today! Looking forward to learn a ton on here First of all, I want to say that is is an awesome reel, and I like the variety of work you are doing! However I agree that it seems slightly inconsistent. It looks like your style is closer to a handmade and rough feel, rather than the clean and minimalistic approach. Therefore I would probably leave out the clip of Walter at the whiteboard. Also I think you should try to have your best work in the very beginning to get the viewer hooked, and and the very end, so that the viewer will end the video feeling awesome. That is why I would probably cut away the last clip of the cat/person/thing as it is pretty static, and put it somewhere closer to the middle of the reel. Then I would end it with the 3D model, as it is quite vibrant and dynamic - leaving a great impression. My favourite design of all is the green monogram animation; if I would see it earlier on it would have me more interested in your work. Another quick note would be that the video would feel more well rounded if the music would have an actual ending at the end tag, instead of just fading it off. I know that it is hard to find songs that match the length of the video, but sometimes you just have to try and mix it up by cutting and fading a bit. But as I said; awesome reel, and I love that you were able to keep it as concise as it is! Wishing you the best of luck with your reel and work
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