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  1. Hello and good morning, afternoon or evening. I'm Steve, Im new here and hoping to find your acceptance, support and witty banter (maybe I'm just setting myself up for the latter..) I'm very new to making things move in 3D, but am pretty well versed in creating still visuals. Here's the challenge I'm up against: We've all been there.. You render something out, it looks a bit flat so you render alpha channels and with a bit of Photoshop wisdom - BAM, you've nailed it! What I'm seeking help with is how to do the exact same, but in After Effects.. For example - if we imagine an animation of a glossy bouncing ball that needs some retouching, how do I import the images and alpha channels into After Effects and apply one levels adjustment that effects just the bouncing ball? What's more, I understand After Effetcs and 3D are pretty compatible. Is there an entirely different way of getting animations into After Effects and retouching them to look much more realistic!? Thanks for stopping by and I eagerly await your support and banter! Steve
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