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  1. Anyone have any recommendations for a really good camera shake plugin or script in AE? I've used the Red Giant universe one, and of course have done the common wiggle(), but am still really unhappy with the results—it always feels inorganic. The best camera shakes I've found are for Premiere, and are footage based—it would be amazing to find shakes of this caliber as a similarly one-click solution for the AE camera.
  2. Simply posting this looking for others to join me in being frustrated. Also, if you have suggestions for getting past this, I'm all freaking ears. Been doing video work for some time, and been doing creative work in the realm of design a little longer. I'm 29 and feel pretty well into my career. But the past 3-5 years have been so. incredibly. frustrating. I remember earlier being so excited to learn new things, try new skills out, see my work grow, etc. But it's been more like treading water. I've learned new things (Cinema 4D being chief among them) and made a living, but my work just sucks by every standard I have. My newest employer is all about professional development, so I'm well-supported now to make room and spend money on training. I'm planning to sign up for Explainer Camp with School of Motion, and besides that have been trying to make more time for learning. And other than that I just work really hard and get projects finished. I'm hoping a combination of all of this can help propel me forward. We'll see. Just sharing this to vent and wonder if anyone else has had this experience in their career. I feel like I look around and don't see anyone else hitting these kinds of walls.
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