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  1. Great! Thanks guys. I definitely think I'll just keep pursuing my career and teaching myself as I go. Down the road, if it comes to it, I may finish a degree but I won't worry about it for now
  2. Hey guys, What are your opinions on getting a degree? I'm a 24 year old who's experimented with motion design and vfx since high school (thanks Andrew Kramer!) I've recently been hired as a motion designer for a tech media company. It started out as an internship doing video editing and has now become my full time job. I've loved every second of it (ok maybe not every second...motion design is definitely hard work but so worth it!) and feel very fortunate to have been given this opportunity. I'm still very much an amateur and, though this job has been great, it's definitely not my final career goal. Eventually, I'd like to go full-time freelance. An unfortunate side effect of this job is I no longer have the time to be a full time student. I'd been working on a digital media degree up to this point and dropped out once I got the job - with the plan to go back part time once I got settled. After hours of research online, I've been contemplating whether I should even pursue a degree. The schools in my area don't quite offer the kinds of programs I'd like to pursue - though several do come close (digital media, animation, and graphic design etc.) I've considered taking online courses from somewhere like SCAD, Ringling, or Full Sail - but there's no way in hell I could afford those programs or would want to saddle myself with that much debt. Just about everything I've learned about the Adobe Suite and Design I've taught myself through studying countless resources online and I've begun to wonder if I could get by with experience, practice, and perserverence. My work will be paying for me to take the School of Motion courses these next couple semesters so I'll also have those to springboard me further. Also, my work grants all its employees a subscription to Lynda.com so I've been taking those courses as well. What is your experience with getting work as a motion designer? Do you know examples of individuals being hired because of or in spite of a degree? Any thoughts, advice, and opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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