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  1. Based in San Diego, CA, Psyonix is a critically-acclaimed independent video game developer and leading experts in Unreal Engine technology. For more than a decade, the studio has been a driving force behind some of the most successful games in the industry, including Gears of War, Mass Effect 3, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Bulletstorm, Unreal Tournament III, Unreal Tournament 2004, and the award-winning Sports-Action hit, Rocket League®. Check us out at https://psyonix.com/! Psyonix is seeking a Motion Graphics Designer to join our Creative Services team to work on Rocket League! This opportunity is ideal for a dual-skilled motion and graphic designer. You will work closely with an array of teams including video, audio, marketing, esports, and art to develop and build content for trailers, marketing videos, and other video related content to grow the Rocket League brand. You will be responsible for creating graphics based design assets along with fully fleshed out 2D and 3D animated content including videos, gifs and other promotional material. Our ideal candidate must be collaborative and self-driven. Essential Duties & Responsibilities: • Work closely with creative, marketing, audio, esports, art and production teams to create marketing content • Create motion graphics/animation and visual effects content for video projects and marketing materials • Design graphic assets such as logos, text treatments and other branding materials • Perform basic editorial work for the animated and graphic content • Help to advance visual style, themes and brand identity for Psyonix titles • Pitch animation, video and design concepts to relevant teams for approval • Maintain a continued organized archive of video, animation and graphic files Requirements: • 3+ years experience in the video game, entertainment and/or advertising industries • Expertise in After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and Illustrator • A strong video reel and design portfolio showcasing relevant work • Creative talent and technical skills as a motion graphics designer: -Capable of developing fully fleshed out 2D and animated content -Knowledgeable in post-production visual effects and compositing -Capable of designing and structuring graphics for trailers and other video or social media assets • Has a good eye for motion, design, composition, pacing, and flow • Has knowledge of cinematography, timing, and visual storytelling • Significant knowledge of animation, video and graphic design pipelines • Ability to take direction and incorporate feedback recommended by other teams • Balance quality and efficiency while working under tight deadlines • Knowledge of marketing and branding • Can navigate and organize workflows between various software while keeping files clean and manageable • Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously and prioritize tasks • Must be collaborative within a team environment Pluses: • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in media arts and animation, graphic design and/or a related field • Cinema 4D, Maya, 3ds Max, Unreal, and/or other 3D software • Often dreams of Rocket League and video games in general *Please note, this is an in-house position. To apply, please visit: https://psyonixhr.wufoo.com/forms/motion-graphics-designer/
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