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  1. Why not use the TP Preset TPSplineEmitter?
  2. There are different pens out there, from what i get from the people on my 3d printing goolge feed some stay cool.
  3. There is a thread on CG Talk that might be interesting to you http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=47&t=167531
  4. You can save the list of machines from one machine and load it on the others. This will add all machines in one go. You can even create or modify the list in any text editor. An entry would look like this: Mistkiste.local.:5300;12345 Also you can distribute the security token for each machine as a text file named c4d_net_securitytoken.txt in the installation directory, with the security token beeing the only content. This way you can set the security token with the least amount of effort. Another option is to modify the prefs by hand. Set up one client as you need it with all machines added, then go to the prefs folder and copy the file machines.pref to all clients prefs folders. This is not officially supported though. Cheers Björn
  5. You can always start CINEMA 4D from the console using the parameter -frame to render a specific single image, or -frame from [to] for a range of images.
  6. One of the main reasons for Maxon to introduce the license server was the request by customers. Especially larger companies wanted to be able to control license distribution for legal reasons. For Maxon the LS does not generate any extra income and does not prevent piracy any better than the usual serial number system.
  7. During Beta of CB 15 i encountered a dual Xeon workstation with surprising discrepancies between MP and SP performance. There was no other indicator that showed any problem and the manufacturer was adamant that everything were ok. They sent a second, identical, system that did not show the porroblem. As it turned out CB uncovered a serious EFI configuration error they made on that machine, reducing SP and Viewport performance quite a lot. For me personally CB 15 was usefull to double check how much i gained from OCing my 4770K and if it is worth the effort, result, yes, it is worth it. Everyone has to know for himself if he wants to use this tool and for what purpose.
  8. You do know that the command list will give you the ID of any object or command in CINEMA 4D?
  9. I use CINEMA 4D to create 3D printable stuff for over two years now. You can use any of the many available FDM printers in the same manner, or just build one yourself
  10. All Frames ensures that each and every frame will be evaluated and displayed at playback time, no matter how long it takes per frame. With the option off CINEMA 4D tries to match the exact FPS setting for smooth playback, at the cost of frames beeing dropped. Dropping frames is not much of an issue if you use MoGraph, but it will produce an incorrect display for setups that depend on previous frames (i.e. TP)
  11. Bonjour is already included in iTunes and the Apple print services. If you have one of those installed you also have Bonjour. R15 users that want to use Bonjour will have to download it from Apple and install it themself. For legal and other reasons this can't be done automatically on installation of R15.
  12. Should be interesting for many here MAXON Announces CINEMA 4D R15 Continued Innovation Shifts 3D Workflow into Overdrive with New Beveling and Kerning Tools, and Numerous Rendering Enhancements. FRIEDRICHSDORF, Germany -- July 23, 2013 – MAXON today introduced CINEMA 4D Release 15 (R15) that redefines the 3D motion graphics, visual effects, painting and rendering software workflow. The next-generation release of the widely-used 3D software platform reinforces the leadership MAXON has earned over the past 25 years by elevating the creative experience from project planning to content delivery, and is marked by powerful enhancements to modeling, text creation, rendering and sculpting. Packed with improved capabilities and added features such as all-new beveling for modeling efficiency, interactive kerning for advanced 3D typographic control, and Team Render allowing for convenient rendering across networks directly within the CINEMA 4D interface, R15 delivers to 3D professionals the ultimate toolset for creating compelling creative content and collaborating more effectively to take on the most demanding projects. [Note: MAXON will debut CINEMA 4D R15 at the SIGGRAPH 2013 convention, July 23-25, 2013, Booth #315] “CINEMA 4D R15 is a milestone release packed with trail-blazing innovations and our renowned, easy-to-learn workflow for 3D designers across creative markets -- film, video, broadcast, Web, multimedia, visualization and games,” Harald Egel, co-founder and CEO of MAXON Computer, says. “Digital content and media creation professionals continue to face relentless cost and operational pressures to take on demanding productions under severe time constraints. With sustained programming development in areas such as modeling workflow, rendering and sculpting, R15 sets new standards to spark the imagination of individual artists and design teams to make sure they have the features they need to push 3D performance to new levels and achieve the highest quality creative results in less time than ever before.” Key Highlights of CINEMA 4D Release 15The new and enhanced 3D modeling, animation and rendering workflow features and performance enhancements in CINEMA 4D Release 15, available for both Mac OS X and Windows, include: Rendering Enhancements – R15 is packed with rendering improvements to achieve faster, higher-quality imagery. The new Team Render delivers quick control over an entire network to take advantage of all surplus processing power – either manually or automatically via Bonjour. Utilize an unlimited number of render nodes with CINEMA 4D Studio and 3 nodes with CINEMA 4D Visualize or Broadcast. Users can distribute the rendering of a single frame or complete animation directly within the CINEMA 4D interface and view the results in real-time within CINEMA 4D’s Picture Viewer for a streamlined workflow. On the quality side, a new irradiance caching algorithm for faster approximation of Global Illumination and improved ambient occlusion, physical rendering and multi-threading features in R15 has been added offering artists unprecedented rendering performance. Modeling Enhancements – MAXON has enhanced modeling productivity in CINEMA 4D, introducing all-new interactive beveling for improved manipulation and control over object edges and curves for adding depth and dimension to designs and ensure that resulting meshes are clean and flow correctly. Improved Typographic Tools – CINEMA 4D R15 continues to elevate the design experience delivering significant typographic, text editing and control capabilities via MoText and Text Splines directly in the 3D view. New kerning, and tracking tools can be applied with MoGraph effectors or used in XPresso and edited at any time to create complex typographic elements and animation. Dynamic Sculpting – Improved dynamic sculpting tools in CINEMA 4D Studio Release 15 ensure artists can sculpt with finesse and optimize with ease. In cases in which there are adequate subdivision, sculpting tools can be used directly on any polygonal model. Advanced masking, mirroring and duplication options, as well as the new Amplify brush that gives control to interactively inflate and use new draw modes to sculpt lines and areas defined by lasso, polygonal drawing or a rectangle, gives artists complete control and flexibility for adding and preserving desired sculpted details. Miscellaneous Workflow, Modeling and Animation Improvements Renowned for outstanding ease of use, CINEMA 4D R15 also includes many new productivity-boosting features including: Texture Manager – Provides artists with powerful new texture management tools to fix broken texture links and wrangle bitmaps with ease to control even the most complex scenes. Architectural Grass – Based on the powerful Hair and Fur engine in CINEMA 4D Studio, the new grass material features lets users quickly and easily simulate and add grass to any object within CINEMA 4D Release 15 Visualize and Studio. Camera Crane -- A new Camera Crane rig offers customers a dependable, production-friendly solution to easily simulate real-life Jib crane shots by adjusting the angle and length of the base, arm, head and the camera itself. To view a list of the complete feature set in CINEMA 4D Release R15 and to see the software in action, visit here. System RequirementsPlease find recommended system requirements here. Pricing, Availability and Upgrade PathCINEMA 4D Release 15 is scheduled to ship in September, 2013 through MAXON and its authorized dealers. Additional pricing and upgrade information is available at www.maxon.net.
  13. Animating the strength of Follow Animation could do the trick. It will only realy work if the direction the object has from it's dynamic movement is similar to the direction it needs to go for the MoGraph part. Any discrepancy here is easily detected by anyone and will make the animation unrealistic and unappealing. In this example i used that method and i think it went ok http://bonkers.de/insomnia2010/intro.mov
  14. Make sure to install R14 from DVD and update to 14.042. Otherwise the connection will not work and AE CC will not find your installed CINEMA 4D.
  15. It's an unfortunate limitation. Changing the value automatically triggers a refresh which adjusts the value back to the animated value. Either disable the execution of expressions or work with the timeline. Cheers Björn
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