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  1. Thanks guys, I will pass that info on about starting a new account on.
  2. Man, I just read that thread and it broke my heart... They did to be fair they did DM me on twitter, a few times. None of those DMs were helpful though.. They want me to be the middle man in this, seemingly to avoid 2 minutes of work looking up her details. I keep telling them they need to contact her since I gave them enough details, not me. I'm just not understanding the problem. 5th week of it not being sorted. It's somewhat embarrassing and shameful.
  3. That's somewhat sad, Lennart. I thought it was just a one off. I wrote to Adobe another two times (once here: http://forums.adobe.com/message/5884767#5884767 which was ignored and the other on twitter to the @AdobeCare account). They responded on Twitter, if it's not resolved in the next few days i'll be asking the student to consider contacting the Department of Fair Trading. Fair Trading in this country sorts out things like this usually, quite quickly too.
  4. Before I begin, I'd like to add a disclamer- I've used Adobe products at companies for years with few licensing problems that I can remember. I work at a university, teaching design. A student purchased a CC license for home use but has had major issues getting the license to work. She's contacted Adobe a few times-one of which times was at uni while I watched her speak to online support. They said it would be resolved in 3 days. We're up to 3-4 weeks. I've personally written and tweeted to various Adobe accounts/addresses myself, including Todd K that posts on this very board. I have a lot of respect for Todd, because his posts all over the web (not just here) are very informative. That said, this is too long and we're trying to get Adobe to respond, with no solution in sight. Other students have purchased licenses and had it up and running in minutes. It seems sad to me that this person is getting punished for attempting to buy software legit. So, if you've had similar experiences how do you get them resolved?
  5. The quickest way to break it into little bits in Illustrator is going to be use the knife tool. You can draw your slices just by drawing straight through from one side to the other. It will then make every bit into little pieces.
  6. Hey there, I was looking for something on AEscripts, and I found this: http://aescripts.com/explode-shape-layer/ It'll split every illustrator file into seperate layers properly compared to the build in "convert vector to ae shapes" apparently. Maybe it will help? I haven't used it personally. I didn't look, but I reckon there may be a script on there that auto precomp everything for you into a comp the size you want somewhere. If not, you could always email the explode shape layer developer and ask if he'd add it into the next version. Edit: Did a quick search for precomp and found this. http://aescripts.com/pre-compose-geek/ Auto names and trims precomps, might be helpful too.
  7. On the layers palette in Illustrator, if you have a layer selected have you tried clicking the pop out option in the top right and choosing either "Release to Layers (Sequence)" or "Release to Layers (Build)" ? One of these will put each sublayer object on it's own layer I believe. That could help unless you have multiple objects on the same sublayers I guess.
  8. Oh, right. I read into that wrong. My apologies.
  9. On some levels, I agree with you. Software can make your stuff look the same as everyone else- I remember when Trapcode Shine came out and everyone put it on everything. On the other hand, I'm glad i'm not sitting next to you- you seem legitimately angry that I asked a question, that I was curious about. Should we not wonder or question? I may or may not recreate this effect using the advice in the thread, I sometimes just wonder how things are done. If I did try, I'd be experimenting with the software which to me is the way you improve and get better. I'm certainly far, far below the level you seem to be at (looking at your stuff now, it's quite good) so i'd be curious on your thoughts.
  10. rjb

    Free Texture Pack

    Thanks for the textures. I think you should probably have some sort of description or image as to what's actually in it each pack for people with non-unlimited interwebs access. (Yes, we exist and we suck.) Just so other people know, Volume one is a paper textures pack, volume two is a mixed bag and volume 3 on the site is bokeh type images. PS I clicked "our work" and then clicked "motion" and "freebies" on your site and got a 404 error. You might wanna fix that. Hopefully, I don't across rude, blunt or ungreatful, just trying to be helpful.
  11. Your post says that you posted at 10:09 AM. Please tell us about your early morning weekday drinking habits.
  12. Hah, true. I didn't watch the whole thing. Thanks a heap guys!
  13. I hate to be one of those "how is this done" guys, but i've only done a little bit of c4d. I saw this guy's doodad, and I thought it was cool. Any tips on how to get close to what he's doing? Is it a fracture object?
  14. Off the top of my head, etsy, society6 and redbubble all sell prints. I've bought from the last two before.
  15. I'm not sure if you mean you want to buy or look at stuff but this should give you a good start for online stuff anyway: -deviantart.com : Giant arts community, photography, 3D, sculpture - you name it, it's there. You can also buy stuff from their store. My only thing is that there is no way to filter the terrible or disinteresting stuff you would rather not see. (Expect to see lots of art related to My Little Pony. Ugh) You can also view just the good shit by hitting the "popular for _____" - this filters some of the amateur stuff a little bit. (Not that amateurs are bad, one day they may be good). -behance.net : Giant arts community for all fields, like above but less terrible stuff for some reason. Just bought by Adobe. -conceptart.org : Concept art for movies and by hobbists trying to get better. -cgsociety.org : Mostly 3D or CG images. Some behind the scenes art of movies. -abduzeedo.com : trending creative stuff, from all fields. They do a "daily inspiration" post every now and then from all creative fields that I sometimes check out. =beta.imaginefx.com : Good place for painters, conceptarts and other things. Also do tutorials. -museumofbadart.org : This place is glorious, and I want to go there some day.
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