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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2zWJyl9w-8 Does anyone recall who this this spot? Thanks in advence,
  2. I still have huge respect for fine art and print(I should say, digital art form in this century). As the technology in media and entertainment keeps developing, majority of the art form tends to become user driven, so we are interacting with media these days. One thing I've been noticing these past a couple of years or maybe long time ago for some of you is that UI and Motion graphic are sort of merging and some people like to call it interaction. Well, that's just what I have heard people saying. Who am I to define any of them. All I know and realize is that things are connecting and specifing at the same time. I am a motion designer, but I don't like to be called just a motion designer who animate stuff around. Remember, we are designers before the motion. I know some like just animating and some can't animate. Nothing is right or wrong, but I know some people have different level of respect in each field. Sorry for the weird shout out, but this has been bugging me a while. And to get back to the point of this post. I think the motion is critical to deliver the visual storytelling and that's what I love about the motion the most. These days, productions require previsualizing the storyboard in animated form, right? Thanks.
  3. I've looked at their list and looks like they will have some labs about motion graphics on both AE and Flash. Just thought I shout out and see anyone going. Let me know if there's some particular that I should look out for. Thanks.
  4. I just heard that there will be Siggraph Asia. Anyone know about that?
  5. so, is there any seminars or conferences good for mographer coming in this year? I think it'd be ok even 3D related event as long as it's not product promotion event. Thanks.
  6. Anyone went this year? I'm curious if mograph designers could benifit from it. Any thoughts?
  7. Hi all, I'm wondering if there's any educational conferences or classes that you can recommand to motion designers (with many years of experience). Maybe the length would be about a week or less and focusing on mostly motion / design. Thanks.
  8. Now that the premiere is back on Mac, has anyone playing around? I' have been a big fan of Premiere just because, I can integrate with After Effects and I was wondering if anyone finds anything on it. Of course, I doubt that FCP users will switch it to Premiere, but just curious.
  9. I've seen this spot a long time ago and I can't find it again. It was for either espn or something. anyways, the spot was basically baseball players playing ball in PIN BALL MACHINE so, I guess it was MLB spot. I remember there was some scenes that player jumps into something and then spins for players to come out again. It was a lot of compositing involved, as I recall. I'm not sure if I made it clear, but I hope someone knows and has seen what I'm looking for. Please help. thanks.
  10. Well, I guess the key is to use 64bit. that way you can use full memory you have according to what I have read so far. The thing that I just realized is that it seems like the installing Win on Mac is PAIN IN THE A** You spend almost 5G and get stuck with installation doesn't sound encouraging at all. Anyone had a problem installing Win vista 64bit on Mac? Gosh!!!! it's such a difficult decision to make and it started upsetting me.
  11. wait, are you saying that you can only use 3 G ram on Windows in Mac? well, then there's no point of getting 4 G. right? I'm so confused. so After Effects, 3D Max and all other software can use only up to 3G as long as you run Windows in Mac. Is that correct? is that just it or is that something you can configure? It's quite frustrating and discouraging me to get the Mac anymore. I might as well just get a PC and pay less. I thought I could use Final Cut Pro if I wanted to, but ...... Are you guys all on Mac?
  12. Where do you buy the Mac Pro? anyone know if Apple store is the only place or any internet store that has discount? I'm actually convinced that quad core will do just fine. the thing is though, although the 8-core can take advantage of MP in rendering, but still when you are working in comps, preview rendering would not be so much faster than 4-core. Am I correct? I'm just trying to justify the cost of additional $1500 or $800. I go to sleep or do something else after I hit the render button anyways. Any thought?
  13. Is anyone running 3D Max on new Mac Pro (Intel Base) with either Windows XP or Vista, especially 64 bit version? Quad core: Two 2.66GHz dual-core Intel Xeon ATI Radeon X1900 XT 512mb (BTW, do you like this card over the Nvidia card that apple offers?) 4 G Ram (Well, actually I heard that you can only use up to 2 gig ram running max on mac) What do you think? would that perform a decent job running the Max and After Effects? Of course FCP as well. You know what's intersting though? I doubt that all design houses have 8 core, bla, bla top of th line. Don't they still make money with G5? Well, of course it's nice to have faster machine, but do I really need that much? Can I just get maybe 3rd fast machine, like the one above it would still be faster than G5, right? I'd also like to hear more about running 3D Max on Mac with either Win XP or Vista. Thanks.
  14. I don't think I have right to comment on this issue because I don't work for network place, but how come no one stands up for it, why do you just let them abuse you over and over? At the end of the day, we all need to have a job to feed, so you just get soaked into it and flow with whatever the tasks are. It's sad that some of the jobs just force you to fit in, but in a long term, aren't we all glad that we get paid? I apologize for being insensitive, but I think it's the reality. isn't it? I'm sure SO MANY people out there are dying to get a job like that even though they know they will get burnt out. I think it's the similar situation with "don't do free work just because you want to get experience or whatever the desperation you have at the moment for a job.
  15. a few years ago, I applied for a Mograph job in LA. Their CD told me that I made it through final two out of 500. Well, I was worked up at that point. Later, their HR called me asking about my visa status, back then I was with temporary work visa which were expiring within 5 months, so I told them I was working with my lawyer for that matter. After all, they said we've chosen the other person. I've convinced myself that they had to choose the other candidate because his or her work looked better. Well, now that I think back and being a permanent US resident now, I wonder if it would have been any different if I was a resident or citizen back then. I sometimes see some of the job posts saying candidates need to be "US citizen only" Would this be considered as "ethnicity" discrimination? This is 8th year living in the US and I'm still confused and learning a lot about this kind of issue. Well, it sure is depressing to even think about it though.
  16. loyallion

    NYX new Site

    I agree with everyone above who had time to give him some comments regarding the web functionality. So, I'll just talk about the reel itself regarding the graphics. Individually, I think the graphics look decent enough to present, but it's just how NYX presented it. 3 min is just too long for all of us to watch all the way, plus we can see what we need to see with in a min. I highly suggest you to cut them down in half and avoid repeating the same stuff. As soon as I see repetitive stuff, I started being distracted. Hey guys, let's give him some credit, in my humble opinion, I don't think he would have a problem getting a job. Good luck NYX. I hope this reply will bump you up.
  17. It's that time again. I'm sure most of you mographers have been editing either your own pieces or for some side jobs. I kind of think that mographers sometimes turn out to be better editors because of the sensibility. Well, get to the point, what advantage do FCP has over Premiere or vise and versa? One of my client insist on using FCP for some reason. Not that he knows or have used neither of them. I'm talking in general of TV and short film. Any thoughts?
  18. Yeap, I thought so. as soon as I brought it up, this post stops.
  19. OK, seems like the job market is opening up recently. I'm re-considering to throw a gathering party again. I've got a great place to hold a meeting in Seattle, Nope it's not my house. anyways, to all Seattle mographers, say holla! I'm thinking I can probably arrange something if more than 7 people are interested. I have a couple of friends who are with me already. Let's make some friends who understand what we do, what do you say?
  20. I suddenly realized that there are a lot of talented mographers around Seattle. However, because of the small mograph job market, some of them seem to want to be silent. At some point, because I love making friends, I thought about throwing a gethering party just for mographers in Seattle, but then I figure, they are probably reserved people, so I just shut myself down. Well, what can I say, it's hard to make friends. Also, there are a lot of friends who are just looking for benefit from each other. Woots! I gotta stay positive. Give me a shout if anyone here in Seattle.
  21. Um, being conservative is probably too strong. I guess it depends. making friends is kinda hard. I wonder why? I guess I still need to learn more about the culture. On my last job, alcohol helped. as always.
  22. Yeah! a lot of nice people, but some jerks always. I feel like there are more conservative people than other cities. Some people are very reserved. Hard to make friends.
  23. SermonOfMockery is right again. The housing has gone up crazy. There was an article somewhere saying, "Seattle is the smartest city in the US" I'm not sure about that, but sure it's nice place.
  24. Gotta... if you are mainly interested in 3D. Seattle is the city. Not just the Seattle, around the city like Redmond and Kirkland where Microsoft headquarter is, there's are tones and tons of game companies. If you have decent portfolio and fair amount of experience in game industry, you will have no problem finding jobs here. Well, don't take my word though because there are also a lot of 3D artists seeking jobs. In fact, I work at a game development company myself. As far as the agencies go, I wouldn't really feel comfortable recommending it if you are hopping to get a fulltime job, assuming that you are married and want some health benefit and 401k and bla bla.... To answer your question, yes, agencies sorta work as rep, but most of the times, they will probably get you some contract work and I've seen some of the contract artists moving into fulltime eventually, but that's also depending on a lot of scenarios. I think the contract with agencies are pretty much over once you become fulltime after certain period. I can probably drop a couple of names if you really want. I don't wish to have personal chat here in the forum, so if you want further tips, email me: loyallion at gmail dot com happy to help. any chance to see your reel?
  25. SermonOfMockery is probably right about the city except the living expense has gone up crazy. With in that price $250, further from downtown Seattle, you can probably find either a small condo or townhouse, but hard to find a house with small size lawn. The city is beautiful, calm and safer than some of the cities in different states. I wouldn't want to move out as long as I can afford. Traffic is the same with everywhere, but heck yeah, it's better than LA or NY. That's for sure! Speaking of the mograph work, yes, DK and Fad are the top houses, but there are some contract work here and there if you dig in. I'd say the better way to get exposure for mograph designers might be working through agencies. Yes, as you all know, they will find some work and send you in-site, but what I've heard from people who are doing freelance work with the agencies here in Seattle, so far, 50-50. some people are happy to get hooked up, but some people complain that the agencies are taking too much cut. Good luck! I'll be here.
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