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  1. Marc Z


    FYI, we have no relation with mograph.com. As I understand it, the Brograph guys are rebranding as Mograph and have launched mograph.com, a community for motion designers...with the exact same name as this community...yeah.
  2. Marc Z

    Creative Plateauing

    Yup, been there. Definitely personal projects outside of the daily work grind and stepping outside your comfort zone. Also, taking a break from learning tools and diving into design, art and strategy. If you're interested in getting more into the art direction side, I highly recommend Carey's latest video: http://www.division05.com/007-style-strategy/ If you want to share your work we can give you pointers on where your improvement opportunities are, finding a mentor or support network that challenges you to improve is also great. Getting back into things like typography, drawing, creating stories helped fuel learning the tools part again for me, but totally unrelated interests like Aleksey mentioned are great too. Get out of your rut and try and get a bit of wonderment back
  3. Marc Z

    NAB 2018 Rewinds

  4. That was enjoyable to watch, thanks Matthew.
  5. Marc Z

    Free PBR materials from cc0textures.com

    excellent find!
  6. Marc Z

    We're back!! Now what?

    Ugh this forum was set to not allow responses, now it is. Sorry folks!
  7. Marc Z

    It's ALIVE!! Mograph is back!

    It's motionslack.com now
  8. Marc Z

    It's ALIVE!! Mograph is back!

    Diapers and bottles mostly, had twin girls 3 months ago Aside from that, still doing the motion thing .
  9. Marc Z

    2018 Site Maintenance (temp)

    I increased everyone's mailbox size and cleared out mine. Sorry for the inconvenience, it's a totally new back-end
  10. Marc Z

    2018 Site Maintenance (temp)

    thanks! fixing it now!
  11. Marc Z

    It's ALIVE!! Mograph is back!

    Beaver and Igorschmigor! What are you guys up to these days!
  12. Marc Z

    3DDuff 2018 reel

    That's a smart looking reel! The somewhat basic intro is letting it down a little imo.
  13. Marc Z

    AE 6 announced

    Haha, 2003, back when Combustion seemed like a sensible option.
  14. Marc Z

    It's ALIVE!! Mograph is back!

    The Monkey lives!
  15. Marc Z

    We're back!! Now what?

    As you may have noticed, the site now defaults to screen names and all profile pics have been wiped. A sadly unavoidable thing when upgrading to the latest version of the board. Please go ahead and upload a fresh avatar, so we're all not just letter icons