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  1. FYI, we have no relation with mograph.com. As I understand it, the Brograph guys are rebranding as Mograph and have launched mograph.com, a community for motion designers...with the exact same name as this community...yeah.
  2. Yup, been there. Definitely personal projects outside of the daily work grind and stepping outside your comfort zone. Also, taking a break from learning tools and diving into design, art and strategy. If you're interested in getting more into the art direction side, I highly recommend Carey's latest video: http://www.division05.com/007-style-strategy/ If you want to share your work we can give you pointers on where your improvement opportunities are, finding a mentor or support network that challenges you to improve is also great. Getting back into things like typography, drawing, creating stories helped fuel learning the tools part again for me, but totally unrelated interests like Aleksey mentioned are great too. Get out of your rut and try and get a bit of wonderment back
  3. https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaylist/nab_2018_rewind
  4. That was enjoyable to watch, thanks Matthew.
  5. Ugh this forum was set to not allow responses, now it is. Sorry folks!
  6. Diapers and bottles mostly, had twin girls 3 months ago Aside from that, still doing the motion thing .
  7. I increased everyone's mailbox size and cleared out mine. Sorry for the inconvenience, it's a totally new back-end
  8. Beaver and Igorschmigor! What are you guys up to these days!
  9. Marc Z

    3DDuff 2018 reel

    That's a smart looking reel! The somewhat basic intro is letting it down a little imo.
  10. Marc Z

    AE 6 announced

    Haha, 2003, back when Combustion seemed like a sensible option.
  11. As you may have noticed, the site now defaults to screen names and all profile pics have been wiped. A sadly unavoidable thing when upgrading to the latest version of the board. Please go ahead and upload a fresh avatar, so we're all not just letter icons
  12. Thanks to the herculean effort of zlovatt mograph.net is back! Which instantly begs the question, now what? We'd like your input! 14 years ago there's wasn't much beyond mograph.net, Creative Cow and Tween (Motionographer's predecessor), now we have great communities at places like motionslack.com and Mixed Parts. Beyond being a repository of 14 years of mograph knowledge, what would you like to see? Reel reviews? Storage of useful knowledge from the MDA Slack? Again, huuuuuge props to Zack Lovatt! When tech suppports praises the fact a database that damaged was back up and running, you know someone's a superhero. Grab Flow, Easy Bake, ESL or any of his super useful tools at https://aescripts.com/authors/s-z-0-9/zack-lovatt/
  13. Just heard the sad news, Dan was an integral part of the c4d community. He will be sorely missed. http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=47&t=1412018
  14. EDIT: We're good for another year! Thanks to everyone for donating! Hosting renewal is coming up, if you'd like to keep this site on-line, please consider donating here: https://www.dreamhost.com/donate.cgi?id=3399 The funds go directly to hosting and will help keep mograph.net up for another year!
  15. You've all watched our very own Carey (formerly known as Binky)'s awesome Division05 videos (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLI5ju4KcwCt2bsj-uqy9eWmBBlpo3F1z_ if you haven't!) and they've prompted a lot of conversation on the Motion Design Slack (http://www.hashtagmotiondesign.com). Due to the nature of Slack these conversations disappear like tears in the rain, so we we'd thought we'd open up space right here! I'm super excited about the upcoming very first commercial installment in the series. Carey's working hard on it as we speak. Go over there and join the conversation about growing as a motion designer!
  16. http://blogs.adobe.com/aftereffects/2015/11/welcome-victoria-nece-to-her-new-role.html I've known Victoria (indirectly on Twitter and the Motion Design Slack) to be a passionate AE user, with a deep knowledge of the inner workings of our favorite quirky animation app. I'm curious how much of her documentary and coding background will shine through in the next few years! Regardless AE is in good hands. That said we'll miss Todd Kopriva, who has been here on mograph for almost as long as we have existed. First as the AE documentation guru, then Product Manager. We wish him well and thank him for helping steer AE in the 21st century with all the recent core updates! AE as a product is facing steep competition from Fusion and Nuke in the compositing space, Boris, Resolve and Smoke in editing/finishing and Anime Studio and Toonboom in the character/explainer realm. It's the Photoshop of video, trying to be many different things to many different users. I'm hoping our small scrappy AE team can hang in there and convince users -and Adobe itself- that AE has a long bright future ahead. I'm rooting for you guys!
  17. Marc Z

    IBC 2015

    I'll be there friday and saturday, would love to buy you a drink!
  18. Marc Z

    IBC 2015

    Soooooo, anyone going to IBC in Amsterdam this weekend?
  19. ianfreeze, there are people going through what you're going through right now. Read this blog: https://medium.com/@FoughtTheLaw/project-02-wip-07-14d3bef57ad5 or come hang out in art-of-the-pitch on the motiondesign slack (hashtagmotiondesign.com) Also, thanks for sharing and your honesty!
  20. the slack is fastpaced and messages disappear after a few hours. kind of the opposite of a forum
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