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  1. It looks like quite an undertaking. The look is very interesting and seems to mesh well with the style of their music. I think you did a nice job with it overall. There were only a few things that I think could be enhanced. Im not sure if it was intentional, but all the different black and white levels were too inconsistent for my taste. The contrast of rich black to washed out grays distracts from the piece in my opinion. I also agree with the above comments about the additional colors you introduced, like the yellowish tint in the woman in the windows skin as well as the blue in the castle. I think it might be interesting to try and limit it to 1 color in addition to the stark black and white. In using 1 color (or monochromatic) throughout the piece would place the emphasis on certain aspects of the story as you desire. Anyway, I think overall it is a nice piece and I am glad you shared. Looks great.
  2. I personally think one of the strongest pieces in his portfolio is the Type illustration he did for Computer Arts. Beautiful work. Seeing this stuff in motion would be incredible. Maybe someone here can convince him.
  3. Well, it didnt do as great as I had hoped (2.08), but oh well. Who knows. Thanks for anyone who voted.
  4. Rothermel - You are right, I obviously got it wrong, thanks for pointing it out. And really I think that was the only one that I got wrong. I initially thought about giving everything a number but thought it would get too cluttered. Anyway, thanks for the feedback so far. I guess today is the last day for voting.
  5. If I had an extra 20 minutes, this is what my submission would have looked like. All of the elements in the illustration can be found in the film... Check out the trailer : Science of Sleep and see if you can spot most of them.
  6. So after a year or so since my previous threadless submission I decided to get back in the game with a submission for the Science of Sleep :H 's threadless competition. I wanted to know what my mograpeers thought about it. Paint by Slumber : InvisibleElement The comments are very interesting too. I was accused for not having a creative idea; quite amusing. Anyway, let me know what you think and if you have a minute help me out with a 5 and buy! Thanks - Jason
  7. That was some magnificent work. Id love to have a reel like this. Ill have to watch it again with speakers. = )
  8. Dont worry, it washes out.
  9. That is some incredible work! Amazing intriqacies. It would be hard for me to wrap my mind around visualizing how 2d cut out shapes come together to create a 3d object. This would make a great mograph piece by doing a stop motion build from start to finish... whateve that looks like.
  10. Crap. As always Chinaski, that was incredible. Thanks so much for posting your additional insight on project development.
  11. Make sure your anchor point is set at the correct part of the shoulder. Press 'y' to manually move the anchor point to the position.
  12. YEAAA for Oklahoma! I really wish there was a link with video as clean as those stills you posted, yuppster. Great stuff!
  13. Peter, Unfortunately I dont think that After Effects is going to give you the effect you are wanting. If you wanted to achieve morphing vector pieces for character animation I suggest digging into Flash. You are gonna have a heck of a time doing this in AE. If your animation is going to be simple what you could do is create a solid that is the color of your characters arm and mask that layer with the pen tool and animate that over time. //edit Oh, I must have missed in your post that you tried using masks. If you play with it some more I have a feeling you can get that mask to work correctly for you. // Good luck. Jason
  14. I choose #1 for legibility and overall aesthetic. Since legibility seems to have been an issuue, I feel that the first one helps (at least me) read it correctly... although I originally was able to make out that it was two A's. Some may disagree with me, but i think that connecting both A's help in recognizing that they are the same letter. When they are not connected, my brain trys to view them as separate letters. 3 through 5 bother me because since you dont connect the cross bar of the A, it reads more like an R. Anyway, looking forward to seeing what you end up going with. IE
  15. Nice find. I love vintage imagery. One thing that inspires me are the color combinations and relations in a lot of the prints.
  16. Yeah, Im surprised this is posted. It is great to hear them talking about the concept and production stages with their projects. This is some inspiring stuff. Ha, after watching the Buck pres, I immediately started watching GMUNK as well. Always wondered what that dude was like.
  17. Maybe he moved across town but forgot his computer.
  18. I know that the "son of a bitch" comment was out of love. Anyway, threadless is fun but I am kinda hesitant in submitting again cause it has been a year since my last submission. Anyone else have links to their profiles?
  19. I watched the video and never got the feeling that it would actually scan the whole object in its entirety... looked like a lot of holes. I wonder how well it translates to your favorite 3D application.
  20. Ah, Mutemath... They freakin rock! I agree with the comments above ( pacing, tweaking some of the motion, etc.) but I really dig the aesthetic you have established. Looks like you had fun with it.
  21. What is everyone's Threadless username? Here's me : InvisibleElement
  22. Yay, Another Threadie. Yeah I am on the verge of submitting another design. Ill give you a vote.
  23. Regardless of if this is style is over the top or has a bad rap, it is still impressive.
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