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  1. That's one of the most useful features of the wiki, IMO. If you go to any of the "location" pages - be it a city or country, you get a list of all the companies/freelancers there. I'm also working on getting a map that shows all the companies in a certain area. In a place like LA - that's pretty cool as you can see where most of the companies are located. Could help someone with their moving plans. You can actually do more complicated queries to since all the data is semantic. So you could do "I want a freelancer in Los Angeles that knows Maya and has done work for Nike". Stuff like that.
  2. We could also make it more clear whether you're on a freelancer or a company page. Right now you can see the category at the bottom and the infobox has different fields, but we could put a "freelancer" or "company" title somewhere more prominent. It's pretty easy to add a moniker field to the infobox... but like aromakat said, we'd have to go back to the old pages and update them. I'm not sure if it adds much value actually.. you'll see it in their URL most likely. Also, once we get the naming convention set for how "freelancer" pages should be named (as in the name that's in the actual URL or the page and it's main title), then we can update the text on the form used to create those pages. Right now it's just a box- and I can see how people would be confused.. my fault of course.
  3. Thanks guys. I'm working with Aromakat to get something worked out.
  4. Hello old friends. I run a site called MographWiki (http://mographwiki.net) that started as an idea on this board back in 2006. Unfortunately, I've negelected the site for years and don't have the time to maintain it anymore. Most of the info is out-of-date and incomplete. And now the free hosting deal that we had is ending. In the off chance anyone is interested in taking over the site (and hosting it), let me know. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the site over the years.
  5. Hey guys. I feel really bad about letting the wiki languish and I think it's great you're trying to jumpstart it. I've got really busy with other things (like my 2-year-old) and don't have the time to properly maintain the site. I'd gladly hand this over to someone else who could expand on what we've already done and try to help out as much as I can. I still agree that it would be a great place to be both a mograph information repository and a company/freelancer directory. I just had a really hard time getting many people to help write articles and maintain pages (other than their own companies -- that was easy). Maybe I didn't sell it enough, or the page wasn't enticing enough to get people excited about it. So about the infrastructure... The site was built with Mediawiki because it seemed right for a large, feature-rich wiki, and because I'm not a programmer and couldn't write up anything myself. The site relies heavily on Semantic Mediawiki to better organize the content. That helps with the dynamic pages that list all the companies in a given city, for example. (You'll see I even have maps on the city pages showing the the company's location). For the data-entry, it relies on Semantic Forms, another add-on that creates the forms when you edit a company/freelancer page. As far as skinning the page, if you're handy with CSS/HTML you can pretty much move everything around. The skin I'm using is pretty heavily modified already (comparing it to, say, Wikipedia). I think it's possible to come up with something close to what Binky has laid out (which looks great, btw). I'm not sure where to take this from here, but please let me know if you have any more questions about the site.
  6. A few here: http://mographwiki.net/New_Zealand
  7. Here's a tip to align an image such as something you've scanned in. Use the Ruler Tool (it's a secondary tool under the Eyedropper) to define a diagonal line that you want to be straight. Then go to Image -> Rotate Canvas -> Arbitrary. Then just hit OK without editing the value.
  8. Could find some more good links from these pages: http://mographwiki.net/After_Effects http://mographwiki.net/After_Effects_expressions http://mographwiki.net/After_Effects_scripting
  9. Here's one... http://www.andersschroder.com/qts/gatorade_it.mov
  10. Ah forgot about this thread. We have to use Entourage at work... for my personal email I use Mail.app. Fascinating!
  11. Ya, that's what we've been doing... but it'd be nice to have a real fix.
  12. Has anyone found a reason why this is happening? Running into these issues frequently. Just to illustrator the point: GRrrr!
  13. I'm using the UB test build of PathSnagger and it works fine on Leopard/Intel: http://www.bergenstreetsoftware.com/news/?p=10 With PathSnagger, I like that you can copy as UNIX or file:// formats... the latter can be pasted into Entourage as a clickable link, which avoids the "Go to Folder.." step.
  14. Actually, the original, non-Govindaized edit is here: http://mographwiki.net/index.php?title=%22...amp;oldid=15916 Which actually offer us some handy usage tips for the new phrase... '"Used in a sentence: "Nice reel, but come on, freak your keyframes"'
  15. I'm going to assume this was an inside joke... and delete the article after the proper comedic value has been extracted from it. Well, I'm glad someone is using the wiki at least.
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