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  1. Reminds me of tender and special moments from the dawn of Mograph time. http://mograph.net/board/index.php?showtopic=4871&st=0
  2. In the new world of salt and pepper updates, bug fixes, and wait-for-its, I'd give it all away for just a predetermined yearly release schedule of tested and working features like the days of yore - but alas - I'm clearly a delusional olde fart.
  3. jon


    Currently running that Asus alongside a couple 27" Cinema Displays in a three-up configuration. It's really nice - I dare say I prefer the Asus matte display over the glossy Cinema Displays... also it quickly and easily rotates into portrait for the ridonk Ae timelines and previewing jobs for vertical playback.
  4. I found that with over a decade of full time freelancing - it is a pretty amazing lifestyle - but professional growth is not happening without stepping (jumping) outside the comfort-zone. One job bleeds into the next, and before you know it - weeks turn into months turn into years and you're still being leaned on for the skills that you're known for. The solitary life of remote work can be very rewarding, but as others have said - there is something about being in a group of talent that pushes you forward that you won't find working as a solo act. When employed in a traditional "jobby-job", there is advancement, progression, promotions, etc. Getting hired on and working your way up is possible with smart work. Conversely - getting brought in as a freelance hired gun who does 'X' pretty much guarantees you will always be looked at as the guy/gal who does 'X' in the eyes of the client. Thats' why it is imperative to undertake personal work that reflect the work you want to do and strive to up the ante with every new gig - or risk finding yourself in the pigeon hole doldrums. There was a guy who posted here many (many) years ago who summed it up pretty well: "They will always lean on you technically, before leaning on you strategically". Meaning once they see you "picking up a box", you'll always be viewed as someone who "picks up boxes".
  5. I keep threatening to lock the doors and never come back - usually immediately after a series of soul-crushing projects with clients who just refuse to realize we don't just 'push buttons' or pull this it out of our ass. Someday I'll be opening a simple menu breakfast shop where the day starts at 4am and is wrapped by noon. Someday..
  6. jon

    3D Mouse

    I had this happen last year. It was devastating. In the middle of a pantload of stressful projects and I couldn't even concentrate on the work. I spent all my time adjusting to avoid the twangs and nerve pinches, being all doped out on painkillers - it was embarrassing. And just like when you have a toothache you compensate for the pain by chewing on the opposite side of your mouth - yeah all the avoidance of using my right arm lead to twangs in my left side.... Middle of my shoulder blade, up my neck and down my right arm to the fingertips. I realized that my sitting position and posture was horrible. Definitely get up and walk around often through out the day - this shit is just too dangerous to your livelihood to not take seriously. The 5 Tibetan Rites series of movements a couple of times a day really help - give it a try. - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Five_Tibetan_Rites
  7. 10.8.5 on all my MacPro 5,1 workstations. Set it and forget it is my mantra - I can't be spending time playing whack-a-mole with updates... I've got 10.10.1 on my admin laptops and it works fine for me, and I do get spacebar previews on Quicktimes so not sure what the issue is as described above about lack of spacebar playback... Personally, I really like the blue accents in the new Ae; and while I was dragged kicking and screaming into renting my tools in the Adobe cloud, it hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be - just need to be very judicious on my software version updates.
  8. Just watched Snowpiercer on Netflix. Quite a thought provoking film, worth a watch.
  9. jon

    Faceripper 4D

    I use this to give illustrators different angles of models when we don't actually have the different angle head shots. https://www.vizago.ch/index.php
  10. When you give a client a bigger hammer, you get beat with a bigger hammer.
  11. They look easy and simple because they are. My go-to preset in any project is spending quality time actually learning the software instead of wrangling some bunk preset, but that's just me. Also, investigate Radial Wipe, Linear Wipe, and other mystifying and magical bundled plugins that are free with Ae. Shabba.
  12. It seems the writing is on the walls - only it's the walls of the Star Wars Garbage Compactor. Dianoga literally translated into 20th century English is Envato.
  13. You can spend your quality time and play the Adobe Ae Flip game! First, save from CC to CS6. Then, use CS6 to flip to CS5.5. Now, all you have to do next is - using software you already own, or pestering associates who do - use CS5.5 and flip yet again to CS5. Repeat process as needed. Have a refreshing beverage while considering that the tools have now become the work.
  14. Ready to pull the plug as well. Intro deal runs out for me in September. Not interested in bumping up to paying $50+ every month for the rest of my professional life. Seriously considering rolling back to my boxed CS5.5 and calling this years CC fees an educational expense. I've always been a set-it-and-forget-it guy when it comes to my workstation configuration. I'm really tired of constantly playing the whack-a-mole game with AeCC updates and my plugins and project files and all that jazz..
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