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  1. Hey all - We are looking to hire a full time motion graphics artist for DVD / Bluray and digital media. Will be doing both design and production / repurposing work. Los Angeles Culver City area. Full time position, in house, full benefits etc. Please send info and reels to scott.gordon@pixelogicmedia.com Though full time is our main goal, we are also looking at some freelance hiring in the short term. Thank you!
  2. Hey all - looking for a few good mographers to be able to outsource overflow to...things have been super busy and show no signs of slowing - lots of kinetic text stuff, dvd menus, opening titles, corporate graphics. Send me your info if you are available! Thanks! Scott Gordon moshn.wordpress.com scottgordondvd (at) gmail (dot) com
  3. Okay, I know this shouldn't be this difficult. I want to animate a camera down a gently winding road in zspace, as if it is the POV of a driver. The problem is that the basic things I'm trying, pasting a path in the the camera position property, etc is not working right...suggestions? thanks!
  4. Florio, that is one of the best things I've ever read on this site. Really well done.
  5. Awesome Mylenium- that's just what I needed - thanks!
  6. Hey guys - so I've got a logo - made it a 3d repousse layer in PS...brought it into ae - so far so good. I want to spin it 360 degrees. Not a problem, except that the when we are seeing the back of the logo, of course the text is reversed. I can't figure out how to make the back layer read correctly as it's showing? Also, the right edge is different from the left edge, so I can't cheat it by just showing the first part of the spin and then repeating it. Any ideas? Maybe Todd Kopriva? Thanks!
  7. Holy Minerva. I've got a headache just thinking about doing that. Beautifully done!
  8. yes got that rd Slicer script - works GREAT...and that inertial bounce expression is the best. But still no automated solution...:-(
  9. Actually, looks like card dance isn't going to work...need to be able to give the flip a little bounce at the end.
  10. So I need to create a longish animation where the image is divided into squares and the squares flip and there's another image...I need to be able to change up the order of flipping and I need to be able to flip with the edge of the square as the axis, not the center of the square...I know Card Dance can do a reasonable job, but anyone know of anything else? Doing it by hand is too complicated for the budget...Expressions or a plug in? thanks!
  11. Lux? Attach to a light and rotate the light on the y axis...
  12. Constant - put the gun down...it's okay. I'm not talking about the tech part of MAKING dvd's, I'm talking about the design part of DESIGNING dvds.
  13. Hey all - Can those of you toiling in the DVD menu realm (sd or bd) please raise your hand...or PM me? Looking for some help with heavy workload... Thanks!
  14. thanks Oracle - yeah if the clips are downloaded to your computer than Bridge is probably best for labeling...I like both ideas, thanks!
  15. oh cool - that could totally work....I'll check into that. I was thinking of getting really anal and trimming little bits out of quicktimes, exporting, then bringing into iMovie or something and keywording...but that seems like a lot of work. thanks for the tip!
  16. So I know we all look at reels, and are frequently inspired by what we see...I was wondering if anyone actually files away clips in any kind of an organized manner, say by style, or subject matter, for reference later? It seems like it would be very helpful...I've been trying to figure out the easiest way to do it...lots of times it will just be one little part of a whole reel, you don't want to keep the whole thing...you want to be able to tag it by keyword...any thoughts?
  17. Cool - I just upgraded to cs5 so I'll give it a shot a little later..I think this kid has been setting too many keyframes in AE: http://www.youtube.com/watch#!v=Pw0n99_qlXE&feature=channel
  18. Yeah so in a nutshell, I accidentally deleted some important file that Acrobat uses. So Acrobat stopped working. I talked to Adobe and they said to deactivate CS3 and reinstall. So I did, and guess what? It starts to install, but then asks for After Effects CS4...which I had installed for a day but then returned to Adobe. So I cannot insert After Effects 4. And it gives me no other option? It's either install AE4 or quit. Anybody run into this? I'm not happy.
  19. thanks Kitkats - I'll play around with that
  20. Interesting Lennart, I will try that...final project can't have nulls either...but I think after this intermediate step, I could remove them?
  21. Hey guys and gals, Anyone ever heard of an automated way (script, expression, etc) of converting a simple x,y,z move to just x,y? I need to remove the z space aspect completely and recreate the move with just scale and position. I can do it by eye, but I figure there might be a better way? Thanks!
  22. Hey all - I'm creating a recording studio environment in After Effects - it's all going great until I get to the little knobs that make up the mixing board. I want to maintain the dimension and perspective in 3d. There would be several rows of them. I played around with CC Cylinder and some other things, but it's not happening. Any ideas? Don't have access to any real 3d programs, have to do it in AE or PS (CS3) Thanks!
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