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  1. i'm guessing it was done in japan, but i could be wrong.
  2. http://www.joystiq.com/2007/10/17/capcom-a...reet-fighter-4/ this is incredible stuff- hands down the best watercolor style rendering i've ever seen, even eclipsing psyop's work. love the use of color and subtle, moody palette. anybody know who did it? the camera movements and animation are really great, too.
  3. i would have done the lines in another color, perhaps a unique one for each object- like, say, brown for the monkey, red for a piece of fruit, etc, and with a pencil-like line (like in jj & maithy's Pink Panther spot). i guess it's only a detail, but i feel like it would have made a big difference.
  4. man, i LOVED fruit leather when i was a kid. i didn't know that's what this stuff was. the old man and the monkey are great.
  5. i caught a commercial for these "organic smooshed fruit" snacks during Prison Break this evening- anybody know who did these? http://www.fruitabu.com/ click on "the movement" and then "play video" or whatever- the site is slooooooooooooooow. i wish the line weight wasn't so heavy on the cel shading, but overall i think these spots are great. the character design is top notch, especially the old man that says "fruit to the people!" or whatever. reminds me of the Robear Berbils from Thundercats: http://www.geocities.com/lady1venus4/thund...ds/berbils.html so, who did these? and what's "smooshed fruit"?
  6. fellows- nice job on the naming of this style. i salute you.
  7. yeah... i know he's not there anymore, but i'm imagining erik spiekermann's if someone suggested this direction...
  8. this wasn't a tour, it was just a one-off show at some YMCA in CT. they played with Bold, and Judge was rumored to be playing, but they didn't.
  9. never saw them, but i saw Civ play about 6 GB songs in 95 or 96, it was a lot of fun. never saw YOT, either, but i saw Shelter play a bunch of YOT songs around the same time. well, i saw a YOT reunion in 98 or 99, but that doesn't really count.
  10. is this a joke?! the whole web 2.0 bubble logo thing makes deer heads and growing vines seem positively fresh by comparison. i've never thought adobe had the best identities out there, but as a company that's very close to many parts of design culture, i'm kind of shocked that they would go in such a terrible direction. http://www.brianoberkirch.com/2007/08/14/s...ooshy-logos-20/
  11. you could definitely do this with a shell script in linux or os x... or using cygwin in windows. it would be pretty easy to loop through each line of a text file, see if there's a match in the contents of a directory, and throw and error if there isn't.
  12. i use it... but i'm not quite sure what it's all about... i mean, once you're connected, what do you do?
  13. i don't see why it would be a problem, especially if you're good. some people might disagree with me, but it seems completely reasonable to me.
  14. the old Associates in Science reel was like this... not sure if that's what you were talking about, though. might be on here: http://www.associatesinscience.com/
  15. i'm far from an authority on economics, but i definitely do enjoy it! economics is great because, like life, it's all about tradeoffs. want to protect american jobs? no problem, just institute a tariff... as long as you don't mind sacrificing long-term competitiveness. the lesson is that there are no free lunches (just Pareto optimal arrangements LOLOLOLOLOLZ).
  16. yeah, i understand that about the wrappers, but i'm guessing that the DV codec used in AVIs is MS' by default, not apple's, right? QT can definitely read the MS DV codec, and i would think it can write it as well. what happens if you render out as QT, then export a DV AVI from QT pro? if you have a windows machine handy, try an app like GSpot to see exactly what codec the AVI is using. i'll bet you it's not apple's. again, i don't have AE on a mac in front of me, so i'm working from memory and may be wrong...
  17. you can't render a DV AVI out of AE on a mac?! edit: you definitely could do this in AE 6 and 6.5 for Mac, because i did it all the time...
  18. ha! A+! you've got him right on that count... hanson makes a lot of really astute observations on the unchanging nature of Man (with a big M) as they apply to current social and political issues, which are really compelling to me when you see that thucydides or whoever made the same observation 2000 years ago. he can be really annoying when he turns into a republican shill, as he does from time to time. you really should read Kaplan's Warrior Politics, it's one of the best books i've ever read. it's no exaggeration to say it changed my life. realpolitik isn't always the answer- in fact, it usually isn't- but it's a tool you have to have in your arsenal, and Warrior Politics lays the foundation. do you ever read greg mankiw? i really like him a lot- very subtle, dry sense of humor that makes his writing really engaging. plus he likes capitalism a lot. i'm also a big fan of Hobbes, but i guess that wouldn't really be a surprise. as i pointed out to the guy i had the drunken conversation with last night, it's interesting that people that know a lot about finance or economics are almost all "classically liberal" (AKA "libertarian" with a little l).
  19. good call. say lots of nice things about them, even if you don't mean it.
  20. ha ha. well, nobody bats a 1000, but in general mankiw, kaplan and hanson work for me. i guess i fit pretty well into chicago-style/Economist bucket.
  21. i just got home from an interpol show... it was boring, but i did happen to strike up a drunken conversation with this guy that does energy trading (enron type stuff). he also has a friend that was in agnostic front for a while. it was pretty interesting, but i also laughed at myself because i somehow managed to meet the only guy in the room that could talk about hardcore and finance. he high-fived me when i told him i liked robert d kaplan and victor davis hanson.
  22. exactly. again, this doesn't work out for every project... i just wish the "show me three and i'll pick my favorite one" thing wasn't the defacto standard process.
  23. nah, i'm not freelance... i was just reading an article about it and thought i'd yap about it. but thanks!
  24. a lot of people like to do the thing where you show three concepts and they pick the one they like best. i don't like this process for a couple reasons: 1. invariably you have one idea that you know is the best solution. invariably the client picks the worst idea. 2. it spreads you too thin, forcing you to devote resources to exploring ideas that aren't the best. the client is better off having you focus on one good idea than one good idea and two half-assed ones. 3. they usually do the "i like some of concept A and some of concept B" thing. it's not a buffet... they don't necessarily work together. sometimes it makes sense to show a few different directions (especially when budgets and timelines are generous). in those cases, go for it. in most situations, though, i think the best process is to explore a few concepts internally, but ultimately only show the best one to the client. there's no hard and fast rules for this kind of thing, but i think the "here's three ideas pick the one you like" thing should be the exception rather than the rule. just my $.02.
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