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  1. we were all drinking cosmopolitans also, one of my cousins is an investment banker, the other works in drug acquisition in pharma... which i thought it made it even funnier.
  2. HP is great. i read this book in 3 days or so myself. i was staying with my cousins in LA, and on saturday night we were all sitting silently in their living room, each reading our own copy of HP7.
  3. i dont watch much cnn, but i turned it on in my hotel this morning. the new(ish?) lower thirds look great! really clean and sophisticated, hats off to them for reducing the visual clutter and pulling the trigger on such tasteful design.
  4. i'm staying a few blocks from the powell st. bart station, so this should be easy, right? help a brother out.
  5. i dream about work whenever i'm super stressed about it. it sucks.
  6. i think that's a good compromise: if you're going to assume some risk, you should see a reward for it. negotiate something like 50% rate for the pitch work in exchange for a 150% rate if you get the job based on the pitch.
  7. hey dude- good post. the short answer is, i think you're fine as long as you're doing good work for these clients. if the work is good, and you present it in a mature way (like you did in this thread), i don't think it will be a significant barrier for you. we all know that you have to make compromises sometimes. jeffrey is right. don't swap anything out. here's the trick: DON'T MAKE YOUR REEL "SEXY" and you'll be totally cool. just treat the content as though it was anything else. if you make a big deal out of the fact that it's adult content, you will indeed be pigeonholed, but if you have a reel full of great work that just happens to be for adult clients, you'll be able to talk your way around that as long as the rest of your branding doesn't rely on "sexy" imagery. hope that helps- and do post your reel.
  8. the gore is really incredible, like a throwback to the heyday of splatter in the 80s
  9. nobody will ever, ever notice
  10. my secret confession: i still think 2001-style techy graphics can be cool
  11. she is cute but yeah... hurry up and renew that domain
  12. jonny, that's good to know- thanks! solves a long-standing problem.
  13. in regards to expansion, jack welch says "lay off the layers" of management, structure, and complexity. i am also a big fan of flat hierarchies. too many layers of approval and process = a slow, bloated bureaucracy... not good for a design shop.
  14. there is one in the lounge somewhere... from last summer i think.
  15. pretty sure that's what it means everywhere
  16. it's the old "how big can we get before we start to suck" phenomenon
  17. or better yet, a plugin that can make studios implode or morph
  18. horrible site full of morons, the sooner it's gone the better
  19. companies like troika have reps that get the jobs for them. individuals have to do it the hard way.
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