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  1. not being a smartass, but do a search for "spec" or something like that... it's been discussed quite a bit, so i think you'll find what you're looking for. good luck!
  2. not trying to start a debate, and Jane Fonda did some things i'm not so wild about during the Vietnam War, but this is a pretty powerful quote if you ask me. ahead of her time for sure: well said jane.
  3. i grew up in the suburbs of seattle, but i havent lived there for about five years... so i am FROM the west coast, i just don't live there (i like to think of this ohio thing as a temporary deal...). the Natas 101 board from about 91 or 92 was by far the best graphic ever: big big influence on me for years
  4. thanks! i try to emphasize quality over quantity.
  5. something for school involving hot air balloons, yachts, penguins, and topiary. i'll post it when its done.
  6. http://lightheavyweight.blogspot.com
  7. wh-wha?! this is mindboggling. i will indeed post about it. thanks for posting this... incredible!
  8. i thought the hammerhead was a boat, way too heavy for me. the powell ripper was definitely my favorite of the (late?) 80s.
  9. yeah, good call tim- forgot about that
  10. i havent read your new blog yet (just skimmed it), but looks really interesting. thanks for the insights!
  11. igor, i live in Ohio. and i also get up really early! sorry to disappoint.
  12. you don't HAVE to do this with a 3D camera, either- you can fake it with scale and position keyframes. that might be easier for you at this stage than messing with AE's awful camera.
  13. sao, i had no idea- impressive! those were the days... before giant pants and tiny wheels, then the hip-hop invasion. i'm sure kids now say the same thing, of course- "man, things just aren't the same now as they were in the late 90s... the kids now, they have no idea what they missed out on" etc. you're definitely right, though- those early powell videos really defined the culture to a large extent. they're still great, which is pretty amazing considering that nobody involved really had any idea what they were doing.
  14. that was Tread's (very good) idea, not mine...
  15. stecyk was one of the only guys out of that scene/era with any sense. glad he's become successful.
  16. you could have at least gone with the Akoustic Band
  17. yeah, that's what i'm saying- i don't think it DOES apply to motion for the most part. i could show you some ways that it does if i sat down with you and a piece of paper, but basically, i dont think grids are an important part of motion design. grids are most useful for organizing information by creating a system of heirarchy. so for publications and the web, they're indispensible. however, motion is usually not about delivering large amounts of information, but instead it's more about conveying a mood, emotion, or a simple piece of information (like "this show is on sunday at 8pm and it has martin lawrence in it"). i'm as big of a brockmann fan as you will ever find, but i think motion design has more in common with illustration than anything else.
  18. god bless whatever moderator restored my post count and title!!
  19. i've only seen it on Prologue's old reel- you could get it at Blockbuster, i'm sure and watch it in context (which is the best way anyway). better yet, go read some books about swiss design- anything by Josef Muller-Brockmann is a great start. i like "the graphic artist and his design problems" best. the reason you won't see much of this stuff in motion is because it really doesn't work so well in motion- it's much more suited to print and web than animation. most people think it's boring and plain.
  20. the titles for Euro Trip (done by Ara Devejian for Prologue) have beautiful swiss typography. one of my favorite pieces ever.
  21. found these in his photobucket... seems like a great kid:
  22. yay! thanks for everything, firemind! edit: i'm shedding a tear for my glorious post count
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