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    The Welch Way: Jack Welch's podcast Businessweek Cover Stories The Beatdown: mixed martial arts (UFC, etc) news and interviews
  2. very, very polished stuff. generally, i like more graphic, stylized stuff, but this is so well-done it's impossible not to respond to it. hats off, guys!
  3. dont worry about software... make great ideas that are beautiful. http://www.motionographer.com/features/int...brings-the-rad/
  4. i think that vancouver logo is really good. i grew up near canada (in bellingham, WA) and it captures the feel of the region in my mind.
  5. first of all, show me any new logo that designers didn't endlessly criticize and complain about. designers are like any other enthusiast audience: absolutely impossible to please. nothing's good enough for them. anyway, i absolutely love this logo and i appreciate their willingness to do something unexpected. i love the colors and sweet electroclash typography, although it could be a little easier to read... but who cares? it's fucking cool, and that counts for a lot. the design managers took a huge chance on this one, and i think they should be applauded for it. we always complain that clients want to be too safe, but now we bitch when they do something new and different?
  6. he shouldn't have too much of a problem with hendo. rampage is HUGE, dan is a natural 185er, and hendo doesn't have anything for him that chuck didn't- he essentially follows the same gameplan only much sloppier. i think he CAN beat shogun and wand, even though obviously they've given him problems in the past. rampage's personal life is in better order than ever before, he's got great trainers, and the UFC treats him way better than pride did (making him fight on 2 weeks notice, etc). now WILL be beat the chute boxe guys? who knows... but i think he has the potential. remember he had wand in serious trouble- he was totally saved by the bell in their 2nd fight.
  7. it's not unlike many kinds of design... once people get older, they're no longer willing to work in sweatshop conditions just for the "privilege" of working on a movie, MTV promo, etc. they trade cool points for money, because money pays the mortgage and cool points are only worth something at design conferences and other sausage parties. some group of young turks will step up to fill the void that GKR left, only to leave the biz once they get older, rinse and repeat... supply and demand. the INVISIBLE HAND works its magic once again!
  8. i'm not surprised at all the rampage beat chuck, but i dont think anybody thought it would happen that quickly. rampage can beat absolutely anybody on earth at 205, and now that he has juanito ibarra training him, i think he'll show that.
  9. no different than any other creative field and will never change. as long as supply exceeds demand, the studios will always have the upper hand. tons of kids will work themselves to the bone to say they had a hand in some hollywood movie, and the studios know. if you don't like it, either find a way to contribute enough value that you have bargaining power, or find a new job.
  10. you're talking about the mostly black and white, kinda grungy promos, not the actual titles for the show, right? the TUF 5 promos are really great stuff. this season is pretty good, too- 155 is by far the best division in MMA and i think dana realizes it. i'd actually love to see a 145 division in the UFC, because there are a ton of great guys at that weight. Urijah Faber vs Kid Yamamoto- ZUFFA make it happen!
  11. i have been noticing this for a long time. to combat it, i use older versions of software whenever possible. for example i run illustrator 9 and photoshop 5.5, because running CS2 or whatever is slow as hell even on new machines.
  12. that's cool, i've been looking for something like that. thanks!
  13. http://light-borne.com has done some concert backdrop stuff
  14. jesus christ! this is Visa?! if i had to guess, i'd say it's probably one of the many private label cards that just use Visa for the backend (like when you get a Bed Bath & Beyond giftcard, powered by Visa or whatever). but christ!
  15. exactly. i'm not one of those guys in their late 20s/early 30s that still collects action figures or whatever, but transformers were a big part of my childhood... and these new ones just don't have it. they probably got some american to do the character/mechanical design. americans are no good at that (see all the lame overmuscled dorks that populate american video games).
  16. freehand had interactive corner radius at least 10 years ago... maybe more. it actually had a lot of good functionality (at least in concept- the implementation was often clunky and buggy) that illustrator still lacks.
  17. for me, this is usually a question of color and texture. i'm far less 3D-oriented than most people on here, so keep that in mind. if you want type to feel like it's part of the composition, i think color is your best tool. for example, instead of making it pure white or black, add a little bit of a color from elsewhere in the composition (so it's 3% blue, for example). you can also pull texture in. so if it's a composition about trees, make the edges of one or two of the letters rigged like a leaf. the key here is to not go overboard. be subtle about it, a little goes a long way. there are a lot of compositional tools you can use too, like lining the type up with edges in the image. try to incorporate a little negative space into the type, so there's a give and take relationship between the text and the other elements. armin hofmann is the master of this, maybe read "graphic design manual" for more info. hope that helps... i know it's very broad, but without more information or a specific project to talk about, that's all i can say. good luck!
  18. i could answer this in much more general terms, from a graphic design perspective, but it sounds like what you're looking for is very tactical, "which button do i push" advice... no?
  19. my experience isn't as extensive as some, but it's more substantial than most people. 1. offshore programmers are exactly as raven said (in my experience): cheap but unreliable. they often misinterpret the simplest instructions and require a LOT of handholding. 2. overseas manufacturers work very, very hard, but again oftentimes need LOTS of handholding. in theory, they can indeed turn a rough sketch into a product in amazingly short amounts of time, but the ones i've worked with will usually fuck up enough details that it's not quite what you had in mind. sometimes this is good enough, of course, so it's all a matter of priorities (cost vs. quality). and, they are absolutely unbeatable on price, and once you get them set up right, they're good to go. more and more services will be outsourced. like every other industry, if you want to keep your job, you need to move up the value chain.
  20. perhaps you could say something like, "you know, this might be an opportunity for us to set up some kind of consulting relationship, since it sounds like you have a need for some ongoing support. let me put together a proposal on that and get back to you." i don't know exactly what your relationship is with this guy, but that could be a tactful way of saying that he'll need to pay you if he wants to keep picking your brain (and chances are, he won't, of course).
  21. usability dorks are a special breed... like engineers.
  22. great looking spot. i'd have to know more to evaluate it's effectiveness in terms of branding. i miss the old Stardust stuff that was more graphic/type-driven. nobody does that stuff anymore. too much 3D.
  23. this area of specialization is fascinating to me... like a former USSR resident marveling at the hundreds of kinds of breakfast cereals in the aisles of Safeway.
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