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  1. proprietary materials like... water... and ink... and paper.
  2. monkey... can you plot that as a histogram, cumulative, or scatter plot? it's hard to interpret the data when you just throw it out there like that.
  3. i recommend the stock footage route...
  4. i know what you mean- the only thing in the trailer that isn't in the reel is some wireframes or something for a second.
  5. also, if you go to the site i posted, there is a quicktime trailer for it... i don't know what more you're looking for...
  6. this is gonna be good: http://www.wemakeitgood.com/ Shilo book/DVD collection- past client work, personal stuff, case studies, and more... apparently it comes out in June courtesy of Youworkforthem. i'm excited.
  7. mac addict was a great magazine in 96-99 or so. i loved it. stopped reading it after that, so i don't know whether it was still good or not, but it was great in those early years.
  8. those rigs must be insane
  9. the MJ/harry omelet scene was the best part
  10. the short answer is that "good enough" is usually good enough
  11. very original site- nice work!
  12. when you come out of the clinch, and your opponent is backing away, throw a big overhand right every single time- you'll catch them pretty often also, don't worry about setting up your throws perfectly. just go for them the second you clinch up. the element of surprise is more important than perfect technique with throws.
  13. SermonOfMockery


    pretty sure it's in the reels already... thanks for the interview link, though.
  14. FTP has been around for what, 15-20 years? it's amazing that even relatively tech-savvy people still struggle with it.
  15. "bench your weight, don't masturbate"
  16. in many ways i'm a "producer" in that i am part project manager, part creative director, and part account manager. i could just as easily make a thread about how stupid designers are and fill it with retarded quotes from them. but what would it prove? there are lazy, stupid people in every line of work. that said... if anyone wants to make a thread about how awful engineers are, i'm all ears
  17. yeah... there are better threads than this one to talk about it, but XSI is massive overkill for most projects. i mean, it's awesome, but C4D is a more suitable tool in most cases.
  18. they use XSI for the most part no idea on the lens thing... i don't know that much about cameras. you could definitely call/email Chris at lightborne and ask, he'd be happy to tell you i'm sure. especially if you tell him all about your dope graff stylez.
  19. honestly, hating on producers is total bullshit. the management/labor tension is nothing new, but it's tiresome. a good producer is a very, very valuable person that is worth their weight in gold. there are plenty of bad ones, just like any other job, of course. no different than designers. juggling all the different components of a problem while keeping everybody happy is really hard. not many people can do it well. appreciate those who can.
  20. i'm guessing it was shot with a Varicam, that's what they did the Death Cab video on. could be wrong though. lightborne is definitely the spot here in the nati. not too much interesting stuff going on design-wise, although there's lots of branding work. landor, interbrand, and LPK are all huge companies, and there are plenty of other smaller shops here. i'd guess that there are many more people in cincinnati employed as designers than in seattle, which is kind of funny considering how backwater the nati is in comparison. it's all about P&G...
  21. PJ from laundry used to write, and you can tell: he's one of the few people that actually uses authentic, solid graffiti elements in his work. i can't think of anyone else right now but i'm sure there's others... and you're right- the oneupsmanship and famewhoring are totally the same. never thought about it that way before, but you're totally correct. edit: the creative director at Lightborne here in Cincinnati is a really, really good writer- not really a bomber, more of a Totem/Daim type guy, but a great dude and super good. this is him in action: http://www.light-borne.com/work/play.php?i...w=440&h=390
  22. as far as editing/selection goes, i'd take out anything you don't think is very strong or representative of where you're at now. the best advice i ever heard was from stanley kubrick: "put your second-best shot first, and your best shot last."
  23. top notch work, man. really great stuff. A+ the only thing is the pop-up... it's unnecessary. great work though! i'm impressed!
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