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  1. Ok guys, i dont know if here is the best place to continue questions about the best backup system... But, i'm so worry about this, in conincidence i had found this thread. What is the most confiable method of backup... im not a big company, i have my small studio, so, cheap soluctions will be the best DVD Backups is so weak, and slow access. HD on firewire external boxes? Is the best option? What is the most confiable brands of Hard Drives or external boxes?
  2. Boa sorte Paulo, i hope that you can learn so mutch things with different people, culture, languague... keep in touch até!
  3. oh man! i want this invite too!
  4. i hope will see this on my "Sid Mayer´s Civilization" game, and Counter Strike, or Unreal Tournament, wathever! i hope will see this on my "Sid Mayer´s Civilization" game, and Counter Strike, or Unreal Tournament, wathever!
  5. In my language: "Que 2007 seja foda pra todos os ´Mographers´. Feliz ano novo! (happy new year!)"
  6. send it to some poor student in your city that really needs a computer to use internet or use a word processor.
  7. what this OINK really is? A community of what?
  8. thats the correct url: http://www.handmademovie.com/index_novo.html Very sorry for that mistake!
  9. Sao, exist tree small buttons at the right of the logo of the movie: "FILM:" "CREDITS:" and "PRESS:". enjoy
  10. http://www.handmademovie.com/index_novo.html :H :H :H From our friends of Cisma - São Paulo, Brazil
  11. maybe you have one or more Memory Ram with problems. If will stay with long time.
  12. postmodern, Sao is right, anyone of this logos can be from big companies, only depends from "marketing" strategies, i think... and be cool, no one here has said that is a good soluction. i hope that stay in a version 1.0, without upgrades, without 'fame'. imagine something like "Trapcode Stylish Logotypes Generator"! I dont think thats is positive!
  13. Imagine this with the wrong hands! LOL http://www.core77.com/blog/object_culture/...igners_5103.asp
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