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  1. Look up TimeTrack. And for your next camera animation project look up MorphCam, SteadyCAMPRO/SteadyGLIDE as well as xreTIME. Time Track and MorphCam are native tools, the others are found at my site, see my sign. Cheers Lennart
  2. Adobe Support simply does not work (even as they charge extra outside USA for their apps claiming local support). Most of my issues have not been resolved via Adobe Support not until Todd, here on a private board, made some action. For the future I will record my conversations with Adobe for evidence and press charges here in Sweden. That's how bad it is…… Cheers Lennart
  3. Btw, got a letter (as in paper in the tin mail box) yesterday from Adobe. Says something about they had a password theft - a month ago - . Anyone heard anything about that ? No action taken by them instead I should contact -them- if something happens to my account….. Now when the shit has hit the fan, I can only see that non informative letter as some sort of a legal insurance for them. Oh, by the way, is that CEO of theirs still in charge? ……….
  4. … or keyMATE via my sign. Delete the Morphcam tag on the result. Cheers Lennart
  5. R15 versions of: keyMATE pCONNECTOR plaMATE splineGLIDE texiDRIVER texiX xreTIME found at: tcastudios -> xfiles Cheers Lennart
  6. So it's solved within a few minutes in a support meeting with a most nice Adobe person over in Oregon and on a Sunday. In short, a database file was corrupt, "opm.db". How to: Close "Adobe Creative Cloud". ("Cog wheel -> "Quit Cretive Cloud") In OSX 10.8.5 delete "opm.db". ~ user/Library/Application Support/Adobe/OOBE/opm.db Re-start Applications/Creative Cloud. Sign in again. As this was so "simple" for support to help out with, I wonder as of why it was -impossible- to get support last Friday noon as a European Customer. (No answer, waiting for 20+ minutes at the support number given for Swedish customers, long distance call on a mobile phone, and then the swedish (sales)office did not return a promised call before the workday was over) Huge props to Todd to react to this tread! Cheers Lennart
  7. A support meeting is scheduled this weekend with Adobe, again by a very nice guy! Hoping for the best Cheers Lennart
  8. I'll try to keep this civilised even if I'm about to burst. At the moment I've been asked (by a very friendly person thou) to send three log files, of which 2 doesn't exist. Atm, am at about USD600 loss. Coming Monday, we'll see. Cheers Lennart
  9. Todd, I've been contacted, thanks! Let's hope this could bee sorted out. Asked for some log files etc. I'll let you know how it goes. Cheers Lennart
  10. .. all I wrote, except Todd ! Thanks, I'll let you know.
  11. So the workday is over with no work done, so giving adobe about five hours with no respons I officially declare that when the shit hits the fan, Adobe does not offer any support. I invite anyone at Adobe that can handle this to phone me at: +46 708 76 55 76. Next step is monday to take a trip to Stockholm Adobe office and make them handle over DVDs.
  12. ...nope, those files looks that same in my workstation and lap.... no dice. But thanks anyway Mylenium.
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