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  1. Adobe Support simply does not work (even as they charge extra outside USA

    for their apps claiming local support).

    Most of my issues have not been resolved via Adobe Support

    not until Todd, here on a private board, made some action.

    For the future I will record my conversations with Adobe

    for evidence and press charges here in Sweden.

    That's how bad it is……



  2. Btw, got a letter (as in paper in the tin mail box) yesterday from Adobe.

    Says something about they had a password theft - a month ago - .

    Anyone heard anything about that ? :)

    No action taken by them instead I should contact -them- if something

    happens to my account…..

    Now when the shit has hit the fan, I can only see that non informative

    letter as some sort of a legal insurance for them.

    Oh, by the way, is that CEO of theirs still in charge? ……….

  3. So it's solved within a few minutes in

    a support meeting with a most nice Adobe person

    over in Oregon and on a Sunday.

    In short, a database file was corrupt, "opm.db".

    How to:

    Close "Adobe Creative Cloud".

    ("Cog wheel -> "Quit Cretive Cloud")

    In OSX 10.8.5 delete "opm.db".

    ~ user/Library/Application Support/Adobe/OOBE/opm.db

    Re-start Applications/Creative Cloud.

    Sign in again.

    As this was so "simple" for support to help out with,

    I wonder as of why it was -impossible- to get support

    last Friday noon as a European Customer.

    (No answer, waiting for 20+ minutes at the support

    number given for Swedish customers, long distance

    call on a mobile phone, and then the swedish

    (sales)office did not return a promised call before

    the workday was over)

    Huge props to Todd to react to this tread!



  4. So the workday is over with no work done,

    so giving adobe about five hours with no respons

    I officially declare that when the shit hits the fan,

    Adobe does not offer any support.


    I invite anyone at Adobe that can handle this to

    phone me at: +46 708 76 55 76.


    Next step is monday to take a trip to Stockholm Adobe office

    and make them handle over DVDs.

  5. CC got hacked, might've been the cause of it.

    Yes but that's not it here. I got back to my studio where my Workstation happily

    connects to the Cloud for updates, verification and such. The laptop that I was working

    with (running the same CC id) refuses to connect to the cloud.

    Now connected to the same router as the workstation with ethernet cable, still

    refuses to connect. This just started out of the blue.

    To solve this I tried support ,a non answered long-distance call, waiting for 20+ minutes,

    then calling the swedish office demanding help over an hour ago where they should come

    back to me asap. Still no return call.


    In short, they very idea to lock your payed apps, DOES NOT WORK.

    I've had hickups before, especially last spring, but this is over the top.

    It shouldn't be that starting your workday means your happy that the apps

    actually starts so you don't have to waist hours upon hours -managing- the apps

    instead of using them.

  6. That is 4 macminis, the 16GB RAM was more of a safe than sorry thing.

    We where working with 5k+ renders , some with huge textures/pict series as well.

    At that particular job we connected them via the second ethernet port and

    a router. For more than 4 Clients that is also a good idea.

    OP, sorry for the derail..



  7. Funny this thread should pop up. I was just thinking that maybe I should make a mac mini render farm at home, and maybe wait for the 2nd gen Mac Pro that was just announced.


    We got a few of the latest MacMinis (i7 2.6Ghz,16GB Ram) this spring

    for offloading our workstations CPU's (2008 MacPro's)

    It's a very lean and clean set up for Cinema4D NET.

    Only the power cords connected and run over WiFi

    and you can put them on their side on the MacPro

    taking "no space".

    One MacMini equals one of our MacPro's in NET render speed.

    I'd guess the ratio wouldn't be that good for a newer MacPro

    other than keeping it free for work.

    Not much help for AE thou, we put some Cuda cards

    and SSD's on PCI card in them (Sonnet TempoPro for dual SSD's)

    in the wait for the some new MacPro's





    Once per month, the software tries to connect to a server to see if the activation is valid. If it fails to make a connection, the software still works, but it enters a "grace period" mode, during which you get an occasional reminder that you need to connect to have the monthly activation checked. If you have an annual subscription, the grace period is currently 99 days; we're bumping that to 180 days in the near future.


    So, no, you're not going to get locked out of your software just because your Internet connection is down for a day or some such. If you have a problem with no Internet connection for several months in a row, I'm guessing that your creative software isn't your biggest concern.



    I'm afraid the reality is not that kind..


    Doing a couple of live broadcasts for the EBU the current one

    where we've been in pre production for about two months now.

    (Last month at the site, the arena)

    In short, we (4 graphic guys) are making content for the media server

    system running some 20 projectors. We are connected to theses servers

    and -they- are supplying the base IP address to be used. No other routers

    can be used and no internet access is allowed anywhere in the setup.

    Any content must be accessible by any machine at all time, at nights for

    the projector crew for alignment and testing, at daytime by us and the

    media server operators for rehearsals.

    What happens is. We do get a email that our monthly CC payment is drawn

    from our accounts. -WITHIN A FEW MINUTES- AE pop up the "You have a 4 or 5 days

    grace period.

    First time I simply pressed Continue, as I then thought I could re apply within a couple

    of days. The 5 days went and I got a 0 days message that I CANT USE THE APP and had to break the work

    for some 20 people as I had to take my workstation (and its content drives) off the

    local net and connected my iPhone instead. I had to hunt around menues and connect to

    my Adobe account with no clue as where and how to re apply (the only obvious links at

    Adobe linked to how to by a new subscription). After some 20 minutes my CC was again

    running, but I truly don't know what action did it.

    Re connected to the local network again just to find out that the Output render Modules

    special made for this project WAS ERASED, GONE!!! HAD TO BE REDONE, APE RAPE!!!!

    The two following "5 days grace period pop ups", I had no choice but do the iPhone connection

    (again stoping work for up to an hour).





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