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  1. ok, five days ago a got a msg in AE6 that my subscription had

    expired and I had a five day grace period.

    Reconnected from local net work to internet (via iphone)

    and could re register via "try again" button.

    Today my subscription expired -again- with ZERO days grace period.

    I got the monthly reciept via email today that my creditcard was

    charged for this period.

    So the five days grace period was not stored and since it is a new

    month AE wanted to connect to adobe EVEN IF I HAD JUST DONE


    So another interrupt in the work.

    I'm really loosing my faith in this system.



    What's supposed to happen is that you're only required to activate online once per month, and you get a several-day grace period if you're not able to connect when asked.

    Ok, at location for 9 weeks more in a local network (renderfarm, media servers, content libraries etc) and I get a 5 day grace period.

    So I need to shut down all the work for about 20 co-workers, great way to start the day..... there must be a solution for this, tell me there is,

    as Adobes' CEO say this is the future.

  3. Well, the jury is still out for me doing

    a one year try out.


    Today for the second time when I came

    back to continue to work (had shut the Mac off)

    starting the Mac and -no- Adobe app running

    I got a message pop up that I had to re-register

    with my name and password.

    The first time this happened was when I installed

    a legit plugin, and the suit got unregistered.


    Then on a -daily- basis, the Creative Cloud Connection

    loses its sync.


    All in all a very insecure working environment

    that will most likely make have to do a regular update of

    my CS5.5 to CS6 for this falls work, an international

    broadcast production that simply -cannot- be interrupted

    in any way.




  4. Todd, I am positive that you and many others at Adobe are doing their

    outmost to be helpful and informative regarding the -use- of the software.

    Never the less you are working for a company that uses the free market

    to -limit- the idea of a free market by fencing territories for no other

    reason than differentiated prices where we as customers cannot buy

    (or rather register) the product if not bought in the "correct" territory.


    I can't even go to the US store to check without being re directed to

    "my" European/Swedish shop with prices that are considerably higher.


    Again -your- work is topnotch, Adobe as a cooperate thou is one of the

    worst kind in this category. It is scary that it takes a Government to

    get Adobe some kind of realty input, and this video with your CEO

    clearly shows how alienated Adobe is from its users.





  5. Changing the focal length (or "better" the sensor size)

    does not affect the perspective.

    If you'd like to do it in one render (and chop it in post or in

    the media player) you would only have to up the sensor size times 3

    and set the output render width size accordingly.


    (Superimposing the 1280 render on top of the extended render will prove that)




    Lennart Wåhlin - tcastudios

  6. SteadyBAKE via my sign includes xPLAY that play file series via

    the Legacy Xref Object.

    Once SteadyBAKE is installed, there is the "Xref_xPLAY" preset in

    Content Browser that you can use.


    Just make sure you have the obj series in a separate folder

    and the bitmaps (if they have the same name as the obj's) in

    another folder as xPLAY only reads filenameXXX and ignores the suffix (.obj, .png etc)




  7. So, it is basically a Dropbox system.

    To check I put two files in there and

    then deleted one of them.

    Now after two days I get a:

    "Unable to sync file(s)".

    Soon to get into two back to back 2 months

    projects, I'd say this is a no go.

    I also had the first major f* up

    when I installed a plugin and the suit

    went into 30 days Demo mode just a couple of

    hours after getting my monthly payed confirmation.

    This is still a experiment in my world

    and needs a thorough evaluation when this

    12 months have past.



  8. Using CS6 Cloud I thought I would try its Cloud sharing…

    But how the heck to I create/activate this service?

    Spent more than an hour at Adobe's site and googling

    and nowhere how to activate this.

    Doing searches at Adobe led to "this page not found"….

    There are -tons- of how to videos how terrific it is

    "just save on this computer into the Cloud Folder and

    open on your other computer".

    Does anyone know how to get that damned folder?



  9. I posted the following over at CGTalk in a similar thread.
    It is based on active Camera so maybe it could come in handy?
    (I don't think I've posted code here before so check any
    indent errors etc.)
    Each house needs its specific workflow so it's pretty
    hard to set up a generic solution.
    Python does give pretty much options "for free".
    For inspiration, attached is a Save path system
    based on a Project Folder with automatic subfolders
    for Document name (Scene), active Camera name, image name
    as well as a Multipass folder (based on the same criteria).
    (As usual, watch out for any formatting errors by the forum text engine)
    # RenderPath from Active Camera example.tcastudios.com © 2012
    # Start with an empty Save path.
    # Run the script and select a image Name and Project Folder.
    # Each time you run the script the Save path will be set
    # to this Project folder and use/create subfolders based on:
    # Document Name and Active Camera Name
    # where the current render will be rendered into,
    # incl. a Multipass folder if Multipass is activated.
    # Saving the Scene with a new name will make a new
    # subfolder structure in your Project folder
    # named after the New scene name, again adding subfolders
    # based on Active Camera.
    # To create a new Project folder, empty the Save path in render settings
    # and run the script.
    import c4d
    from c4d import gui, storage as s
    import os, errno
    DEFAULT_NAME = 'Image Name 01'
    def mkdirs(newdir, mode=0777):
        try: os.makedirs(newdir, mode)
        except OSError, err:
            # Reraise the error unless it's about an already existing directory 
            if err.errno != errno.EEXIST or not os.path.isdir(newdir): 
    def main():
        c4d.CallCommand(13957) # Clear Console
        adraw         = doc.GetActiveBaseDraw()
        camname       = adraw.GetSceneCamera(doc).GetName()
        if camname == 'Camera':
            camname =  'Ed_Camera'
        docname       = doc.GetDocumentName()
        docname,ext   = os.path.splitext(docname)
        current_path                = doc.GetActiveRenderData()[c4d.RDATA_PATH]
        c_cam,   current_image      = os.path.split(current_path)
        c_scene, current_cam        = os.path.split(c_cam)
        c_proj,  current_scene      = os.path.split(c_scene)
        c_path,  current_project    = os.path.split(c_proj)
        mpass = doc.GetActiveRenderData()[c4d.RDATA_MULTIPASS_SAVEIMAGE]
        print '_CURRENT SETTINGS___________'
        print '[Filepath] %s' %(current_path)
        if mpass:
            print '[MP_path] %s' %(doc.GetActiveRenderData()[c4d.RDATA_MULTIPASS_FILENAME])
        print '[Project ] %s' %(current_project)
        print '[Scene   ] %s' %(current_scene)
        print '[Camera] %s' %(current_cam)
        print '[Image   ] %s' %(current_image)
        try:    projd = c_proj
        except: projd = c4d.DOCUMENT_FILEPATH
        folder = c_proj
        if not current_path:
            # Initially set up a project Save path based on document(Scene), Active camera name
            print 'Need to set a New Project Save path'
            folder = s.LoadDialog(c4d.FILESELECTTYPE_ANYTHING,'Select Project Folder',c4d.FILESELECT_DIRECTORY,'',projd)
            if not folder: return 
        prename = current_image if current_image else DEFAULT_NAME
        saveas = c4d.gui.RenameDialog(prename) # Set/Update Image name
        if not saveas:
            return True
        # Set up the Save path based on Project, document(Scene), Active camera names and Image name
        if not current_path or current_scene != docname or current_cam != camname or current_image != saveas:
            print 'Setting a New Save path'
            dpath = os.path.join(folder,docname,camname)
            mkdirs(dpath, mode=0777)
            newpath = os.path.join(dpath,saveas)
            doc.GetActiveRenderData()[c4d.RDATA_PATH] = newpath
            # If MultiPass Save is On
            if mpass: 
                new_mp_path = os.path.join(os.path.split(newpath)[0],saveas+'_mp')
                mkdirs(new_mp_path, mode=0777)
                multipass = os.path.join(new_mp_path,saveas)
                doc.GetActiveRenderData()[c4d.RDATA_MULTIPASS_FILENAME] = multipass
            print ' '
            print '_NEW SETTINGS_______'
            print '[Filepath] %s' %(newpath)
            if mpass:
                print '[MP_path] %s' %(multipass)
            print '[Project ] %s' %(current_project)
            print '[Scene   ] %s' %(docname)
            print '[Camera] %s' %(camname)
            print '[Image   ] %s' %(saveas)
            # Optionally do the render from within the script
     #(Only if new image name/save path is set)
            #c4d.CallCommand(12099) # Render
            return True
        return True
    if __name__=='__main__':



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