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  1. Hi, biggieboy. Sorry to hear you jumped into some problem the first thing.

    In short, SCPRO works in allmost all cases in world space, equal to the original AlignToSpline, to have Camera work as predictable as possible.


    Since you are on a deadline, I would suggest using the SteadBANK instead. As with a AlignToSpline setup, put everything in a Null and turn everything 90 degres. Then counterbank the SteadyBANK 90 degrees. Now it "behaves".


    And all registered users are more than welcome to contact me for support (by responding to the mail with the files sent).

    All users are also invited to the UserGroup, so when I'm away others can help faster.


    I'm home now (midnight Sweden) but are in the studio this weekend.




  2. Awesome tools. It's a shame there won't be a multicam version of Easycam. I hate animating cameras in C4D, it always ends up looking like I'm dangling the camera from an elastic band. Cams bouncing all over the place.


    Can anyone who's used the Steadycam plugin tell me what you thought of it? I don't really understand what their site means by "4 Target" and "8 way camera morphing". Does that mean it's limited to 8 cam moves the way Easycam is limited to 1? What if I need to make 9 camera moves? :lol:


    Hi. SteadyCAMPRO is a small collection of expressions where SteadyGLIDE is the one morphing between 8 cameras and/or objects(In combination

    if you want).

    And it actually -does- 9 "moves" since the last position (position 9) is the same as the first :)

    But, you can have as many moves as you want , it is only the matter of nesting several SteadyGLIDEs.


    Have a look at the tuts/previews and you'll get the idea and there is a demo running in CinemaR10 Demo to try things out as well.

    Also, the former version (SteadyCAMPROv2) is a free edition called SteadyCAM_FE found at my site.

    The idea is the same as SteadyCAMPROv3 but v3 has a much more improved workflow as well as additional expression.(Target and Banking)


    Please let me know if you have any q's.





    Lennart Wåhlin - tcastudios

  3. I'm still at AE6.5 so I can't tell if AE7 differs, but AE render each frame"alone" and not over several frames, hence bigger size renders compared to QT Pro. QTPro exports the "correct" way spanning the coding over several frames.


    I make MotionJpegA (non interlaced, high quality) on a daily basis. What I do is render lossless out of AE and then do the Mjpegs in QTPro for use in Catalyst Media Players.




  4. Uppsala Sweden 2006-12-21


    The SteadyCAMPROv3.02 Update is now sent out!

    Should any v3 owner not have it in their mailbox by tomorrow Friday,

    please mail me with a valid email address.

    (I will be away over Xmas)


    v3.02 add some new features as well as two new SteadyMEMBERS :)

    -SteadyBANKv3. A AlignToSpline expression with a twist!


    -SteadyTARGETv3. An alternative Target expression for convenient



    Info is included in the READ_ME of the update sent out.

    More official info (Demos and QT preview movies) will come up after

    the holidays.




  5. I know that Yuppster and Lenart have been working on solving this problem for importing cameras from AE to Cinema 4D. I think the weak link is AE and the compromises they had to make to integrate a 3D camera into a 2.5 D environment. At any rate, this is definitely a gap that needs to be filled.


    I haven't had the time nor the incitament to look at this for a while. I think I have the "thinking" behind it

    but are fully into the "other" direction (3D to 2D).


    Given that there has been no spontanious/free solution (or even commercial) to this, that I know of, I imagine there are some factors in it that are tricky.


    So frankly, -how- much time per day would it save, or in plain english, what would you pay upfront for

    such a solution? In any case I wouldn't have any time until at least a month into the next year, should I come up with something.


    And if the AE7Pro solution is working fine I see no market, I'm afraid.(I'm on 6.5 myself)





  6. okey.....

    I have some cool music I've done. I'm off to your reel and will use it for promoting my music. That's great! Free video!


    There is so much free music out there, so should I find my music without permission and your graphic is crap as well, I would not be very happy....


    So please do it the ritgh way, ask for permission.




  7. I haven't checked your system yet Lennart but C4D already deforms meshes properly. For that reason I was able to get a Null to follow the tip of a sweep just by using a single polygon as a bridge in an Xpresso node. Just make sure you have "Use Deformed Points" selected on the xp node.




    Yea, it's that setting that makes it happen. D2P is just a "preset" set up for this ready to go.




  8. For reasons unknown, Cinema doesn't "see" deformed points. But in xpresso manual there is an example how to get around this. I've put that example into a portable xpresso setup found at:


    www.tcastudios.com -> xfiles -> D2P (DeformedToPoints) item 007


    It works both on polygon meshes and splines (Made Editable).


    What you do is basically.

    Have your spline with the deformer, call it "Source", to make it simple here.

    Duplicate the spline, call it "Target". Delete it's deformer(s).


    Set the Source spline to Linear mode (importent to make it work correct)

    Drag the Source into the SOURCE field of D2P.

    Drag the Target into the TARGET field of D2P.


    Now the Target spline is moving as the Source.

    Add your Null and use AttacheTo Spline on the Target spline.


    And now the Null will be moving and get exported as expected.




  9. Hi, all!


    To keep things simple and with the introduction of Cinema R10, SteadyCAMPROv21 is now a free plugin called

    SteadyCAM_FE (FREE EDITION) and can be downloaded from:




    This way, there are no issues with licenses for anyone that want to use the SCPROv21 plugins in R10.


    Please download SteadyCAM_FE and put it in the R10 plugin folder.


    SteadyCAM_FE comes with no support but is the same as SteadyCAMPROv21 in functionality.

    SteadyCAM_FE works with R9.1 to R10 but some functions will need R9.5 or higher. 


    For instructions, please use the supplied Reference.pdf and check the QuickStart QT movie at tcastudios

    Anyone with a SCPROv2 license can of coarse still ask questions.


    To keep focus, upgrades from SteadyCAMPROv2 to SteadyCAMPROv3 at €20+VAT ,will end Monday 13th of November 2006.

    After that SteadyCAMPROv3 is €50+VAT for all. 


    SteadyCAM_FE can not be upgraded to SteadyCAMPROv3.


    I would like to thank everyone running SteadyCAMPRO here for your support!


    And no more bad camera moves from now on, OK:)



    Lennart Wåhlin - tcastudios

  10. Thanks for the thumbs up for SteadyCAMPRO.

    If you go to my site www.tcastudios.com and "xfiles" you find SteadyCAM80. That is the origianl xpresso setup that still works fine. While SteadyCAMPRO have loads of more options the xpresso setup should help in many situations still.




  11. I want more time spend in pubs.


    Well, there you have it, those darn developers tend to go to pubs as well!


    Anyway, I had some similar question back when multiprocessors turned up.

    The basic answer , then, was even if the tasks where split for several CPU´s

    the overhead for each process to sync and update each other would not give much


    This might of coarse change once the pubs close....


    Oh I remember now, I was thinkning of splitting workload over several machines that only

    came into work for NET rendering.




  12. Maybe OT, but I created my own camera system for this very reason. It doesn't work EXACTLY like steady cam Pro, but I think that's overkill because most times 3D shots are a few seconds long and need simple moves and not LOOONG steadycam like moves.


    Hi C.Smith.

    Developing tools inhouse for specific tasks is very common and needed. And sharing them is a great thing.

    And the more options there are, the better for all of us:)


    But I need to comment your statement about SteadyCAMPRO. SCPRO is developed over a period of about 2 years now for in situ TV and previz productions and thus are tailored for fast turnaround sessions.

    It is no more complicated than any sort of Camera work done within Cinema.

    SCPRO is a rig. And as such it does "under the hood" what normaly takes alot of special COFFEE/Xpresso setups.

    Instead of having animation done in several objects (targeting, AlignToSpline etc) most animation can be done within the controllers of SCPRO only.

    This makes it easely transferable between scenes with no or very little reprogramming.

    It does in most cases not need any extra geometry but can be "hung" on excisting scenes directly.

    It requires a -minimum- of keyframes, and as such a remake of a scene takes minutes instead of hours and in most cases with no additional keyframes.


    SCPRO is a small suit of Plugins, with SteadyGLIDE as an example of "dead easy" camera work.

    Place your cameras in the scene, adjust -any- parameter on each camera, and SteadyGLIDE will morph thru them.


    There is no assumtion that SCPRO is especially suited for long winding takes, it is just one of its strength.

    The current version have, since released, several hundred of hours of updating for near future updates.

    No its not free, but there is a free "intro" xpresso (SteadyCAM80)version of it for dload at my site as well as a demo to check out using CinemaDEMO. There you also can find other free Steady tools that do help in various situation. (SplineBanking, spline bending, rolling etc). Please have a look under "x-files" at:




    So calling it a overkill or compare it with a (albeit good) tool that only does a small part of what SCPRO does doesn't feel correct. Because there are loads of sliders, there is no reason to use them all, but they are there.



    Lennart Wåhlin - tcastudios

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