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  1. Maybe I'm dreaming, but wasn't there a Py for AE in the works a couple of years ago? Should Py be integrated in a similar way as in Cinema4D, hell would break loose in creativity! Other than that, I'd say, if needed, I'm all for a clean slate new core sooner than later that gets rid of anything legacy that in a slightest way cripples the app. (That goes for Cinema4d as well, especially regarding Object and Material management, but that's another thread) Cheers Lennart
  2. Try using the xreTIME instead as it has this function built in. Granted, procedural expressions need to be baked to keyframes. But xreTIME handle many more sources (caches, alembic etc) and can steer Tags, Children and Sources from other parts of the scene. One important parameter is the Priority settings, it is set by default to late Generators, you might need to try Animation or Expression priority depending on your scene. Cheers Lennart
  3. I don't think you can run functions in a string input in Cinema. Easy enough thou to set up a script command inserting the string with scene(doc) and Camera names. You basically make an alternative Savepath input via an input dialog creating the needed subfolders. Cheers Lennart
  4. pCONNECTOR have some tricks up its sleeves... See my sign Cheers Lennart
  5. Many thanks! Playing and learning about it. Cheers Lennart
  6. While not working with images on a network, I tested three different kind of image series in the same folder, jpg, tga, and psd and they loaded as expected. So for local work I see no errors. Cheers Lennart
  7. Just tried a tga series on the MacBookPro Late '11 , i7 2.5 GHz Mt Lion as well and it worked as expected. Cheers Lennart
  8. I'm on Mt Lion (10.8.2) and can import image sequences. AE6 Cheers Lennart
  9. texiX and texiDRIVER v1.51 : Update. Hemisphere ShrinkWrap projection bitmap calculation corrected. Dload as usual at: tcastudios -> xfiles Cheers Lennart
  10. Small tip: Set all Phongs to 0, can give 5 to 15fps typically. Real tip for real real time checking (short of render), PLA/File series/Alembic to single objects as much as possible. Cheers Lennart
  11. Thanks. Fun but, no… The upside is that the points are ordered, (tried that with pCONNECTOR and it lines up fine ) The downside is how to treat the omitted points, I tried different raw algos but the noise is too big in the source (every other random point in a broken scanline pattern are omitted) I would assume PLA it (include the omitted points placed out of sight) then find a mesh method as you then can play the source in real time. Cheers Lennart
  12. xreTIME via my sign should do the trick Cheers Lennart
  13. Why don't You post a few frames of your pointcloud scene so one understand what you have to work with. Cheers Lennart
  14. xreTIME updated to version 1.10. Now also controls Tags as well as Xpresso Nodes, Materials, Post Effects put into the Slaves List. R13.061+ Found at: tcastudios -> xfiles Cheers Lennart
  15. The tools for controlling your Texture Tags are now even better:) texiDRIVER v1.50 : Update. - Calculate Bitmap function built in (Instead of running the separate texiX command) - Optional use of any Bitmap from any Material and/or layer in Material. - Use multiple texiDRIVERs on an object controlling different TexTags. - Include "Slave Texture Tags" from any other Object(s) for multi mapping. - Tile On/Off control - Flip Bitmaps - "Driver" Corrected functionality. texiX v1.50 : Update. - Adjusted for texiDRIVER R13.061+ Get 'em at tcastudios -> xfiles texi! Lennart
  16. Should I be worried, so I'm not going to be one of the 144 000 if I do not confess my sins to Windows any time soon?
  17. The hottest place is: http://www.postforum.com/forums/list.php?f=6 Lots of knowledge and response from pro members! Cheers Lennart
  18. AE? That'll never be anything but cheap effects… Last year , for the 2002 Core Galore Horror film Festival here in my hometown I used the -real- thing: Bryce3D, fantastic! Photomatching the main buildings close to the cinema and it was only 20 minutes per frame at full 720 resolution. Only possible thanks to my hot Dual450 G4. You can -see- the render as it works in front of your eyes! Some fantastic FCP effects put in by one of the festival members. I've heard something about a "hot" 3D app they call "Cinema something". by Germans (!?). I might check it out later but I doubt it could ever beat this: GoreGalore (Warning! Big file 17MB, make sure you have a fast internet connection! Warning!) Cheers Lennart
  19. Never use any tech spec by a client. The only one that can answer is the person running the media server. The latest projection gig we did was the Icehockey WC covering the whole ice with 8 18k top projectors. We intended to use 1080 but the designer kept adding layer upon layers in the media server so we ended up at 720, no sweat. A 50 meter (150y ?) wide back projection the material was 5700 px wide.(8 projectors) A complete cathedral, 1080. etc etc So, get in contact with the media server guys and they should answer (and be responsible) for what is needed. Also, all the systems we've used the last five years use the complete material (animation,PhotoJPEG etc), any coding and splitting is done by the server it self based on mapping. Cheers Lennart
  20. Hi Paolo. This site , mograph.net, is at best a good roosting show and most things are written with tongue in cheek and is blessed with very little personal harassment and people seldom jumps at each other for no reason. Very unique. That in mind, AKAE is a fantastic toolset and I believe no one doubts that. The AE<-abs->C4D alone is god sent. The Q's: The card was a guess and I left it at that as the PayPal worked. I run(ran ) the free 2 free nodes one of 3delight. The camera mapping (for me ) is not prio, so that's why I didn't look into it. By "Type" I mean letters.(Not abc files) The rest was pretty much gut reactions from my side just dipping my toes in the tool. Btw, Have you tried litting a revolving abc file with bitmap textures (in a AKAE material) and seen how the diffusion is locked to initial local position? Cheers Lennart
  21. Yep, CPU "only". I totally understand the reason for that, but one can't deny running Cuda on the regular 3D render spoils you esp. for those quick Type jobs. Something connected to the reg model, you get a week temp license, and then the permanent once you decided on what machine to run as server. But, given that (at least for me) one gets a new machine any soon, there is a USD100 "fee" for re generating a permanent license and one can only do that once a year. How's about that….. Chris, I love to dive into technical stuff, but it has to be connected to the work that can be done with the soft, not the "administration" of it. Life is to short to struggle with such bs.. Cheers Lennart
  22. In a nutshell it works as announced. The install is (and Moritz must correct if I'm wrong): You first need to get your machine number via Terminal. One buys and get a login page where you get either a weeklong temp generated from the machine number or the permanent when one has decided what machine should run the license. Then install the AtomKraft pkg. What also then is installed is the "AtomKraft License Utility" app. You start that one pasting your temp or permanent license in it and it creates a licenseserver. I miss-assumed that I had to manually start that licenseserver (called something like "AtomKraftserv" somewhere) Starting AE and you can select the AtomKraft in render compsettings. Thing is, selecting it one still see that the regular 3D Render is running even if AKAE is active (comp advanced settings). So yes, not the usual set and forget install way that might(must) need to be taken care of. (I also had some licenseserver running (don't know what it was) that I need to shut down via terminal) Haven't had to much time testing but it is fantastic in the way that you get "real" 3D in AE if you need. Coming from the C4D side rather than AE it is by nature slow as it acting a bit like IRR, so moving around is by nature heavy. Two things in current version, Type is not supported to my surprise First thing after .abc import I tried as it seem a obvious thing to be able to do. Then (a known) incompability with Trapcode Form .obj. So in short, to me possibly a greater thing for the AE user maybe the C4D user given I haven't looked at all in to the Camera Mapping. I really don't know if it is connected or not, but I have the 3delight renderer installed for C4D and it does now not run. Cheers Lennart
  23. Sounds great Moritz. While I don't get the watermarks I'm not able to get anything but the AE6 Ray-traced 3D render. Selecting AtomKraft render in Comp settings does not help. The licserver file installed in my user is just a zero kb document and not anything I can run. I've emailed but haven't got any response yet. I'd guess it's pretty urgent to get this thing up and running. I'm sure Nuke users might laugh at this but I'm old enough to take that and say this isn't right. It must be solved asap. I.e. a video covering each and every step how to install and get it working in one go. I'm running MtLion so there are a bunch of new permission things as well to take care of trying to copy and paste files "all over" Cheers Lennart
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