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  1. Ok, I'm getting somewhere. You are supposed to copy paste a hexa code into a file called license.dat.

    Then use a AtomKraft Utility App (installed with the AtomKraft App) to start a license server app.....

    It's 5am here now.... so I'll try to recap what I did later.


    I'm totally positive it's great in the end given the Alembic format as a C4D user.




  2. Ok. Allmost 2 hours later, I'm not able to activate it.

    It is -the- most convoluted install process I've ever encountered, jeez fuck......


    This is not something for the average mograph junky, and I think I'm pretty technical.....

    There is absolutely no way to get a install process covered at a single place and

    I'm finding myself jumping from page to page with mumbo jumbo talk.

  3. A bit convoluted, but You can work

    with the SmoothDeformer on the Polygonized MetaBall.

    For an animation you would need to work it on a fileseries,

    batch processing it.


    The issue that one can't get around is that the Meta Object

    generates new points each frame, so a "basic" flickering will

    always be there.


    What the Smooth Deformer helps with is to space the points

    so the very sharp edges (causing hard normals shift between polygons)

    are much less disturbing.



  4. Updated 120818 to version 1.1.

    splineGLIDE now additionally can use SplineMasks, Tracers, MoSplines,

    Connector Objects as well as other splineGLIDEs as sources for vastly

    improved morphing by nesting and keeping things parametric to a greater level.


    Get the update at tcastudios -> xfiles




  5. xreTIME is a Tag to be used on an Object to re-time its animation.

    Optionally controlling the animation of its children

    and/or Objects in the "Slaves" list.


    The term Animation here, is an Object that, in order:

    - Carries a MoCache Tag

    - Carries a PointCache Tag

    - Is a XRef Object R14 set to Generator Mode

    - Is a Legacy Xref Object R13/14

    - Is an Alembic Object including any subframes.

    Note, an Alembic file should have recorded Subframes to give a slowmo effect.

    - Is KeyFramed incl. PLA animations

    - and additionally in the "Slaves" field,

    another xreTIME Tag, Mo- and Point Cache Tags can be placed and controlled.


    The xreTIME Tag could be seen as an alternative to a TimeTrack giving

    you more direct access to retiming Objects from within the Object Manager.


    xreTIME is an extended Python version of xTIME found in the SteadyBAKE suite.

    xreTIME and xTIME are two separate plugins.


    As usual, get it at tcastudios -> xfiles



    Lennart Wåhlin - tcastudios

  6. This is made by the Py Effector so it doesn't have to be dynamics involved.

    It is actually harder with dynamics to pull it off as as of now things need to

    be cached to work properly at render, editor is fine.

    I need to fiddle with it a little more as well.

  7. texiX & texiDRIVER are tools to control your texture tags.

    texiX is an extended version of the Cinema4D "Fit To Object" Command.

    It uses the Bitmap or Shader ratio to correctly fit the material to the object.


    texiDRIVER is a Tag that lets you move and scale you material in a controlled way.


    For full functionality, do install both plugins and do read the included READ_ME's.

    Needs R13.058+.


    Download from my sign!





    And a butt ugly logo for the sake of it:)


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