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  1. Should you come up with a proper workflow with that SimpleDEM app, please share if you can. The few times I've needed a geo map into Cinema I've always ended up clicking around that Nasa site, redirecting myself into oblivion without a clue how to get -anything- useful out of it ! Cheers Lennart
  2. I had the chance to do a brief test and my first gut reaction was how darn good the materials looked. I'm not able to test it more for awhile but really looking forward to the progress of it. Cheers Lennart
  3. The Sky object is no geometry, so you'd need to use a big sphere object instead should you need the vector from it. Cheers Lennart
  4. "Everything becomes modular like legos.." That dream would be my nightmare… Bits and pieces screaming, "What could possible go wrong?" Now when I -finally- can have all my power and assets in a single box, hook it up to the display and keyboard and start working within minutes of arrival. All transported by air and my laptop is actually a real backup machine. 2004 I "carried" 20 G5's to the gigs, transport and hook up logistics another nightmare. And to anyone being kind with suggestions (PC, Windows, hackintoch etc), as I can only speak for my self, I'm fully aware of the world outside OSX/Apple Hardware. But it's a decision taken by a grown man for reasons covering my business. The situation is very similar to when the G5's "never" came and I did have quotes from several companies to do the switch to Windows. It was actually only a couple of days from happening. We'll see what the future brings, this petition is all legit as a possible EOL would make pretty big changes to my business. Cheers Lennart
  5. Should you by any reason go for a Mac Mini (it's sweet machine after all, silent) look at the middle model as it has a dedicated graphics card. Add the i7 processor option and fill it with 16GB ram, from third party. Cheers Lennart
  6. Anything beyond mixing your own paint out of mud and blowing it thru a straw on a cave wall is cheating…..
  7. Nesting fonts via splineGLIDE for full control! About 40 min to set up and all still parametric:) splineGLIDE Nested Fonts PreView Cheers Lennart
  8. So you want to make your own AlignToSpline Tag with a rail spline function, right? Anything ToHPB will null the B and flip it. You need to use the Cross Product of your tangent and the rail spline position to determine the third axis. I suck at Xpresso so I have no example to give, but check the Cross Product Node and how to normalize the result. Cheers Lennart
  9. It works just fine for your initial Q, now you've changed your Q and I'm off to bed. The angle (direction) is: Position Vector1 minus Position Vector2. Cheers Lennart
  10. Use the Math Node in Vector and Subtract Mode and feed it with the two vectors. Then into the "Vector2Matrix" Node (Under "Calculate" Nodes) Cheers Lennart
  11. Regardless of vertex amount differences and spline interpolation? Just wondering. One can morph splines in Cinema natively as well but not without some heavy preparation of the two source splines not to get spaghetti morphs . Cheers Lennart
  12. That's pretty much what splineGLIDE does but it keeps it all parametric as you morph between the fonts but also have the Curve Option to adjust the morph. Put up some more previews of it: fontGLIDE H264 Cheers Lennart
  13. Do you have Cinema4D as well? Then using SplineGLIDE (via my sign) you'd morph each segment (from bold to narrow), with a SplineGLIDE per segment. Toss them under a Connect Object and an ExtrudeNurb. Keeps it all parametric. Cheers Lennart
  14. To load from CB and get the materials related to the CB item, replace the "True" flag from earlier example with the exact Flags. (Found in the Py SDK under MergeDocument() Cheers Lennart ''' Load Object with Materials from Content Browser , tcastudios.com©2012 ''' import c4d from c4d import documents def main(): load = documents.MergeDocument(doc,'preset://Mylib.lib4d/MyItem',c4d.SCENEFILTER_OBJECTS | c4d.SCENEFILTER_MATERIALS) if load is False: print 'Not Found' return True c4d.EventAdd() if __name__=='__main__': main()
  15. The top URL of the CB is "preset://". Then add your lib and scene to the path such as: ''' Load Object from Content Browser , tcastudios.com©2011 ''' import c4d from c4d import documents def main(): load = documents.MergeDocument(doc,'preset://steadybakev12.lib4d/Xref_xPLAY',True) if load is False: print 'Not Found' return True c4d.EventAdd() if __name__=='__main__': main() And, how to make tabs… really ? Cheers Lennart
  16. Tools for connect objects and/or points/particles with lines. Comes in two flavors, pCONNECTOR for generating true splines, for Hair and S&T, and pBUILDER for generating "Strings" and cloning "Dots". Progress and examples seen over at CGTalk: http://forums.cgsoci...?f=47&t=1015307 R13 Studio latest is needed as Mograph and TP is used. Get them via my sign! Cheers Lennart
  17. Check "Close Spline" Cheers Lennart
  18. Thanks for checking it out. Shout if you come up with something fun with it Cheers Lennart
  19. splineGLIDE for morphing between splines. [R13.051] Get it via my sign. Cheers Lennart
  20. lineREADER is an expression for direct reading of Simple Text Files (.txt). The expression controls the text on a Text- or MoText object. Download lineREADER at http://tcastudios.com -> xfiles. Cheers Lennart
  21. Stop Motion Expressions, click my sign for dload and info. Cheers Lennart
  22. To get you started by using Python expression Tag import c4d def main(): from_obj = doc.GetFirstObject() to_obj = op.GetObject() source = from_obj[c4d.PRIM_TEXT_TEXT] to_obj[c4d.PRIM_TEXT_TEXT] = source[1] Cheers Lennart
  23. - Framerate - Output ratio - The objects visual rotation corresponds to its axis (A Plane primitive should be set to -Z, for example) - Anchor Point set to Center. Then all run as expected. Cheers Lennart
  24. Yea, you're right. L is Move Axis. Close but no cigar... Cheers Lennart
  25. A native way is to use the Cluster Deformer (under character). Cheers Lennart
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