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  1. Hi, I'm sorry I can't maintain some of the scripts I had for dload at my site for a while.

    I.e. SteadyCHAN was a fix for the then defunct FBX (Nuke<->Cinema).

    As that has been working for a while and I'm not using Nuke, that is the reason.

    Also, please anyone, as clearly stated in the included readme's of anything by me,

    any re distribution is not allowed.




  2. Using R13 and CS5.5 in my experience there are no issues.

    I recall earlier versions needed the camera animation in Global space

    (no parent or parent at world zero) to prevent problems.

    Then I used to use an expression on a separate render camera

    picking up the GlobalMatrix and camera settings from the animated camera.


    In either case, baking should not be needed as I've never have done that for

    export to AE.




  3. Got the CS5.5 ProdBundle today, full version, not update if there is any difference.

    My workstation runs CS3 , a multidollar install in plugins.


    Is there anything to think about that could be problematic?

    That is, could affect the CS3 install in any way.


    The machine is a MacPro Octa , 16GB memory, standard Nvidia8800 card.




  4. I'm sure it's my wording, what I mean is that they are still available

    and will work for times to come as I don't see COFFEE , that they are

    written with, will disappear over night and by then I'm sure other

    solutions will cater for, i.e. proper camera animation :)


    So, anything new will be Python in most cases and anything

    already COFFEE will be kept alive as long as it's possible.




  5. In connection to the Cinema4D R13 release both

    SteadyCAMPRO and SteadyBAKE are filed under xfiles

    at my site as free downloads and need no licenses anymore.


    To install them in R12 and R13 please visit:

    www.tcastudios.com -> xfiles


    Note, the plugins are not discontinued, I use them myself in R13.

    The decision to now make them as free downloads is because of

    the on going integration of Python in Cinema 4D.

    So no further development will be made to the plugins.


    Please note, for any support, do respond to any of the emails

    sent from me when you bought the plugins.

    This is because the free downloads comes without any personal

    support for anyone that did not buy them.



    Lennart Wåhlin - tcastudios

  6. You can come along way with two extra plain effectors.

    One put right before your main effector and one right after.

    (In the Effector list of PolyFX)

    ie you set the first one to x+100 and the one after to x -100.


    This way you have moved the rotation axis.

    I guess Per-Anders, the maker of it, have a trick up his sleeve thou




  7. Info in script:


    # RePath texture paths from folder(s)


    # RePathTex uses Selected Materials in MaterialManager

    # or ALL Materials if no Material is Selected in MM


    # RePathTex is suffix independent! A "img.jpg can be repathed to img.tif".

    # Result is shown in the Python Console.

    # RePathTex makes absolute paths.

    # Files not found are skipped and can be searched

    # again by re running the script from other folder(s)


    # Possible editable Settings:

    # kind: A list of accepted suffixes to use in the match list.

    # If kind is empty, all kinds of suffixes are accepted.

    # To restrict possible suffixes, only type the suffix(es) wanted.


    # subfolders: default True. All subfolders will be searched for matching files

    # Set to False, only the selected folder will be searched.




    tcastudios -> xfiles


    Greetings from Your Pathfinder :)

  8. Toys available to steer and roll your stuff!

    SteadyROLL include the Python Plugin Tags:

    - nROLL, roll stuff

    - nTURN, steer stuff

    - nDROP, restrict stuff


    SteadyROLL is free of charge.

    Check out the included READ_ME at:

    tcastudios -> xfiles


    Roll On and Cheers

    Lennart Wåhlin - tcastudios

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