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  1. You need to cache/bake it using the MoGraph Tag (not the DynamicTag Bake option) then control the cache time via userdata. This is the simple xpresso setup. All values are "time". I've posted a basic COFFEE setup earlier, MoTimer R11.5+ , doing the same thing. So you bake at normal frame rate (to get the expected action) then animate cache time. The SteadyBAKE setup will give you loads of more options should you like..see sign. Cheers Lennart
  2. In RenderSettings -> Options try lowering the "MotionScale" down. The default (128?) could be to big, for testing try "1" just to see if you get color shifting. Cheers Lennart
  3. Don't forget the 3d "sliding" effect:) holo lookie 1mbQT Offset the textures from camera angle. Cheers Lennart
  4. A way I've done it is to render the 3D stuff twice with an alpha gradient in camera z direction. Once with the alpha cutting the front part (back of roto part) and the other cutting the back part to be used front of roto. In AE: first your plate then the 3D back render, then the roto then the 3D front render. Having the front z alpha overlap a bit and you'll get rid of any possible seam. Skin a cat.... Cheers Lennart
  5. To mend a final Camera out of several use this in a COFFEE tag attached to a Camera placed -last- in the OM. You might need changing the priority of the COFFEE Tag to "Generators" , "499" to catch all action correct. Nothing should ever glitch or need to be baked, make sure you have all in the correct order in your OM. Any "action" first (your clone thingies), then your source cameras (used in the StageObject), then the StageObject itself. And finally the CarbonCAM. Once in AE you can delete all cams but CarbonCAM. Cheers Lennart // CarbonCAMv02 tcastudios.com©2010 // Add this coffee tag to an object placed -last- in the // ObjectManager. This object will then mimic the current // active camera object. main(doc,op) { var activecam = doc->GetRenderBaseDraw()#BASEDRAW_DATA_CAMERA; var activecamm = activecam->GetMg(); if(activecam->GetType() == op->GetType()) op->SetContainer(activecam->GetContainer()); op->SetMg(activecamm); op->Message(MSG_UPDATE); }
  6. Escaping till Sunday to where no internet nor mobile can reach me 'till monday then! Cheers Lennart
  7. Select the material and all objects, then apply. Cheers Lennart
  8. Connect the Start and end of the 3D gradient to the start and end of the depth range via coffee, xpresso or ducktape. Cheers Lennart
  9. Luminance Gradient Material driven by the active Camera depth range. Apply to scene and have realtime EOGL depthmap. Use TagTREATER to shuffle the tags for on/off/delete:) Cheers Lennart
  10. No no! We gonna be intergalactic superstars touring the universe with our checkerboard stage set with a gigantic floating chrome ball hovering over it all! There's no other way from here:) Wanda apparently did some sessions with Mr Presley -way back- so even if she was very kind it was a bit of a memory lane trip... Cheers from Space Lennart
  11. 16 years ago I carried my baby girl all night listening to the Arcadie album by Daniel Lanois on repeat. Last week she sung "The Maker" from it with me and we recorded it at home as a part of my "knitting" project (playing guitar instead of my lousy keyboard playing ) TheKnittingProject Cheers Lennart @Douwe, I've toured with Wanda
  12. David Wickenden have an example here: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=182&t=969742 If you want it within Xpresso use a Coffee node. Cheers Lennart
  13. TT & MM now available for R10.5+ as well tcastudios -> xfiles Cheers Lennart
  14. Some helper functions for selecting/moving/copying tags as well as adding TexTags with materials. Free of charge, separate R10.5+ and R12.043+ versions to install. Found at: tcastudios.com -> xfiles. Cheers Lennart
  15. Could be that you're not running R12.043+ ? Other wise see if the Console prints anything. Cheers Lennart
  16. SteadyBAKE and SteadyCAMPRO are currently only €20/USD30 each right now. Regular €40/USD58 and €50/USD73. (Add 25% VAT within EU) Kind of a spring offer running. Cheers Lennart
  17. And a round hole doesn't support square pin They are two separate things. You could use the Deformer for the rough shaping and subpoly for finer grits using the same map not to get a to heavy poly count on the mesh. Cheers Lennart
  18. That's so good in all aspects Darn, I started to learn the acoustic at about the same time you started with that scarf...... I guess -I- need to prove something pretty quick....! Cheers Lennart
  19. I'd say, only thing that can top it, is to see any actual knitting result (*) Cheers Lennart (*) I had this teacher in art the last year in junior high, a drunken wino , thou born with the gift, could speak to us while he draw with his left hand on the board then continue with his other hand as the most natural thing in the world. Still talking to us….neck to the board. He gave me a hard lesson…. I was very good at drawing, doing air brushing at the time and paper and pen ever since I was just a small kid and -always- got A++ from my teachers. His first semester I gave me a B……… and the comment; Lennart, you don't show any progress, show me that you give a damn this coming semester and you -might- get a better grade…. Sure as hell I was…..
  20. Children and motext that create sub objects (like caps) are collapsed into single elements. It's like a little helper, that's all Cheers Lennart
  21. MoToReal Menu Plugin for R12.043+: Convert Cloners, MoText and Fracture to real poly objects. tcastudios -> xfiles Enjoy! Lennart Wåhlin - tcastudios
  22. Thanks scofield for the info! Good to know the preview is taken care of. But there's actually no fuddling on my part CS3 + Nucleo do exactly what I need. Atm I see no benefit in CS5 for me. That BG render scripts looks great, can you add renders tp the que as it runs? My work incl making short animations, hand them over to Nucleo while running as they come. Cheers Lennart
  23. Hm, GridIron has served me well from start. I'm at C3 and with the exception of two point releases, it has done its thing at all times. I only use the two basic functions, preview render (using all cpu's) and the Render Que. Both essential for me. Does C5 do the preview with all cpu's now and is there a render que function? Or do the scripts available have the preview and render que options somehow? Just wondering as going to C5 will most likely be pretty soon. Cheers Lennart
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